big ass turtle

big ass turtle

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    Sweet Jesus! whoever flushed that thing must have had a huge turlet!


    I seen bigger…………while on cocaine.


    That turtle looks beyond thrilled.

    “Fuck, not again. Last time this happened, about 800 years ago, I went home with the worst hang over.”


    Is this image real? I mean, I’ve seen some weird shit come out of the ocean, but do turtles REALLY get this big?


    If its real, then that guy had better MOVE HIS HAND.

    Its about to be chomped off… if the turtle is alive.


    i’d be moar worried about my whole fucking arm


    It looks like it could a man whole, so I would run off!

    This cant’ be real? This should be on every news site if it was, because this must be the biggest in the world? Any sources?


    I’m pretty sure that this is a robotic turtle prop for a movie.


    Nope… it’s Gamera.

    Though it was still in his infancy when this image was taken.


    I reckon it’s one of those things you see hanging from the ceilings at aquariums and so forth.


    That is one of the most observative and plausible ideas ever to be put forward initiated by the phrase “I reckon.” (+500 Internets.)


    yes. all the laws of conversational and dialectic probability demanded that bob’s statement contain five truncated gerunds, two mildly bigoted terms and a denouncement of Chelonia mydas evolutionary origins in favor of “White Jesus wanted to git himself a surfboard”
    The intelligence displayed is statistically similar to a tabby kitten making you a delicious ham, egg and cheese omelet.

    In other news- this made me think of this:
    and how everyone needs to read them.


    i’ve seen one of these before, but with a torpedo on it’s back


    Pretty sure this is some species of Green Sea Turtle as those grow the largest of the sea turtles, though this thread has been hilarious, and I certainly appreciate that.


    Is it just me or is elzarcothepale a fag.

    Marked Hoosier

    Blastoise, I choose you!


    I’m *like* a fag, except for having no interest in men, and not a metrosexual. But otherwise, yeah i guess I’m pretty faggy.


    @Drew: Yup, he’s a fag.


    well, you can be sure that if I WERE to go gay- it’d be for a studly guy like you


    it’s gotta be fake… I have never seen a sea turtle that big.. and it would have been kicking and flapping around out of the water.. thus owning all those dudes.


    @Drew: @BowToMe:

    You know what they say about people who call others homosexual as if it’s an insult.

    Those are amazing. I’ve never had the chance to read any of them, but Terry Pratchett is awesome. My friend actually met him.


    @elzarcothepale: Stop Talking. Even if you’re right, I don’t care, you’re still a jackass.


    @MacheteJak: dude- look around you. This is Jackass Island. I’m a jackass. You’re a jackass. Flame wars, insults, trolling and obnoxious comments (be they sesquipedalian or at a third grade reading level) are the lifeblood of any nonspecific forum. If we were all gun enthusiasts, and all of the content here was singularly themed, obnoxiousness would be out of place. Look at it this way- I wouldn’t have typed this ridiculous comment *right here* if you hadn’t said anything. btw, what do you mean, “even if I’m right?” i wasn’t making a point- i was just agreeing with Tray’s comment.… Read more »


    @elzarcothepale: You’re such a frikken jackass.


    @nyokki: that’s what my mom keeps telling me


    @elzarcothepale: She would know. ;<)


    It’s real people. Why else would it be hanging from a noose if it wasn’t real? If it is a fake, I demand to see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rescue their mother.