Avengers Vs Skrull

Avengers Vs Skrull

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    *runs to wikipedia*


    here, let me…

    “secret invasion was a horrible piece of crap crossover where skrulls revealed sleeper agents that had been in place for decades. the eight issues explained about three hours of story, going painfully slow and not really doing anything. four or five avengers books were launched after secret invasion, all priced at $3.99.”


    terwilligher: Wow. That was a pretty good summary.

    I even came back after Civil War (eventually), but that was because of my favorite writers. I think I’m going to be smart this time and just stick to what Ellis and Brubaker write.


    Iron Man and Thor are so badass. Really makes Spiderman look like a puss.


    @...Puulaahi: Ah, yes, they must have one million levels! or meet some other frustrated, post-pubescent metric that states the worth of a character is measured in how much destruction they can cause. I haven’t read the core books, but Secret Invasion is alright; it would be like an alien invasion (finally) done right with the exception that the heroes will inevitably win in the end. They’ve apparently been working on it for a while and do a pretty good job of establishing an atmosphere of mistrust and heroes against all odds(despite said inevitable outcome). But then, I just read The… Read more »


    The image is okay. It doesn’t pop and it looks like everyone showed up for a group photo pissed off and hug over. Half of the heroes and skrulls alike are just posing and scowling.

    It looks like Captain America II is telling them to get off of his lawn.

    …and the Skrull Galactus? Now they’re just dressing up Skrulls and putting them into splash panels.

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