Galactus Stands Tall

Galactus Stands Tall

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    who is he i don’t read comics.


    “All your mo’fuggin planetz are belong to me!!”


    @nobody knows:

    He’s from the Silver Surfer. How did you know he’s form a comic?


    @Pants: It’s obvious because of the way the picture is drawn.

    tiki god

    @nobody knows:
    he eats planets, the Silver Surfer is his herald and finds tasty planets for him to eat.

    he tried to eat the earth, but the fantastic four nullified his ass!


    He is a planet devouring character with near godlike powers. The Silver Surfer is his herald, but often rebels/tries to get his boss not to eat a specific planet.

    He, along with Jean Grey/the Pheonix and occasionally the Sha’ar empire, are what Marvel pulls out whenever they want a break from a world where a superstrong guy with a throwable shield and a fast healing brute with knives that come out of his knuckles are the heroes of the day and REALLY screw with things.

    In other words, he’s Marvel’s Death Star.


    Look at my tiny head goddamn!

    Perspective does not work that way.



    That, my freind, is profiling.


    Galactus is not amused..


    Galactus, you know, how he should have looked in Fantastic Four 2…instead of a giant flaming gascloud with a vague orifice.


    I think There isn’t any point in time when Galactus *isn’t* standing tall…


    Speaking of the death star, isn’t it sitting over his right shoulder there?