Flags of the Internet

1google.png (3 KB)

2amazon.png (1 KB)

3yahoo.png (2 KB)

4boingboing.png (1 KB)

5riaa.png (1023 B)

1. Googlonia: In classical uncluttered white, contains four stars representing the Google cornerstones search, usability, relevance, and prosperous relations with the Chinese government.

2. Amazon.com: Consists of three horizontal stripes and an orange arrow in the middle. The color blue represents freedom (to buy stuff), and the arrow represents late-90s logo designs.

3. The Yahoo Kingdom: No particular meaning is attached to the fresh, colorful design of one of the oldest and most honorable of all ’net sites.

4. Boingboingistan: The Creative Commons licensed flag of #1 blog BoingBoing.net contains three vertical stripes (yellow, red, green) and a silly icon (white).

5. RIAA: The Recording Industry Association of America doesn’t allow republications of their flag.

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    RIAA is still around? Bit Torrents hasn’t killed them off?


    You forgot 4chan

    Alec Dalek

    @nyokki: I heard they blamed the whole economic crisis on The Pirate Bay.


    @AlecDalek: Lol, if only.


    The Pirate Bay is da shizznit.


    You guys should check out the Amazon/Pirate Bay firefox add-on. It adds a “Download For Free” button onto any Amazon product page the Pirate Bay has a torrent for, and links you to that torrent.





    @hvymetal86: Haha, that is awesome.

    The RIAA flag also made me laugh. (I feel like a tool if I type ‘lol’ these days).