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i found this on
“…a skull-lovers travel suggestion from Karl Hochsprung: The Beinhaus (Ossuary) in Hallstatt, Austria!

He says, “The reasoning behind the beinhaus was that there was not enough real estate to bury the town’s dead in so they would bury the bodies in the cemetery for a decade or so then dig them up. They would then take the bones and the skulls and place them in this chapel. The skulls would be painted on by local artists with flowers representing different meanings. Some would have the date of death and the name on them as well… P.S. a direct translation of beinhaus, would be bone house.””

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    That’s actually kind of cool.


    Hey that’s the town where I went to school. Awesome you should find this.

    @nyokki: That’s the place I told you about with the big mountains which made me feel all claustrophobic.


    Sweet Jesus!

    I can’t believe that you went to school in Hallstatt. You would still be locked in some old Austrian guys cellar if that was true.

    I have driven through this region many times, but never stopped in this village. The region is beautiful. And the Austrians are always fun to have a drink with.


    @ack: Haha why? Hallstatt is well known for its schools. When you enter from the tunnel in the east, the school is right in front of you, a yellowish building. The cellar thing, do you mean that because it’s such a small town? I happen to live only half an hour far away from the place where the first guy kept the girl in his cellar. And only one hour far away from the second 24 year incident. Both happened in fairly big cities. I had to leave Hallstatt because the mountains and lack of sun were killing me. But… Read more »


    The whole region around Salzburg is great. I may be heading to Croatia by car in the near future. If I modify my route I will pass by Hallstatt and stop. Thanks for the advice!

    As for the other thing… here are some English / German terms that I find useful.
    Lagering (English): the storing your beer for up to 1 year.
    Lagerung (Austrian): the storing a woman in the cellar for up to 24 years. Also known as an Austrian Honeymoon.


    Sweeet. Yea I love Croatia, that would be a terrific tour I’m certain. No problem.

    Ahaha you’re lucky I’m not easily offended. Most Austrians which you think are so super nice would have freaked out on you by now.
    On the other hand, they want to put this into psychology books and call it the Austrian syndrome, which I am pretty excited about for some illogical reason.


    Ha haaaa! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

    Austrains would be offended – up until the point that a Austria gets a psychological malady named after itself – then it’s all good! And the pale, squinting Austrian Frauleins get tossed back in the Keller. Austrians are awesome!

    Hell, DJ Ötzi will probably make a hit schlager song out of and make the situation even better. “Antonia aus der Keller” is kind of catchy.


    He-Man: “Time for a good skull fucking!”
    Skeletor: “Wat?”


    Alright I have to admit that’s some hilarious stuff. But that’s just me, make sure you don’t tell this any actual Austrians when you meet them.
    And oh god no, you know DJ Ötzi?! Ok so you’ve made it clear that you know the worst side of Austria as well as some of the good.


    Bud, I am on the piefke side of the border.

    There is a law in Southern Germany that states: if 8 or more people have gathered and are drinking beer, “Ein Stern” and “Dragostea din tie” must be played once per hour.

    I will be hitting Kleinwassertal over Christmas. See you there!