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    This was a pretty good movie, though it is sad thats how usa will end up and how americans will most likely turn out to be if they had easy lives


    I was downloaded this while thinking it was pretty awesome that I didn’t have to get out of my computer chair and go to a video store in order to watch it. ::sigh:: I wish somebody would do something about how fat I’m getting. 🙁


    Haha aw. There are two very simple things that you have to do, nobody else can do that for you.
    1. Try to go for a walk for at least 30 minutes every day.
    2. Eat more whole foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts and chicken is good also.

    If you do that, you can sit in your computer chair all you want. 😀

    tiki god

    At least I go down a flight of stairs so I can watch it in the comfort of my easy chair 🙂