Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

kiss_kiss_bang_bang.jpg (95 KB)

Only one of the best movies ever made, not even joking!

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    I hated this. I hated every single person in this movie with all my heart except for the protagonist. Especially the women. My god, how unrealistic can you be.


    This movie kicked total ass. So frickin’ hilarious. I love Robert Downey, Jr., and Val Kilmer as Gay Perry – pure gold.


    Kickass comedy Noir. Plus Michelle Monaghan naked! Great narration.


    @BowToMe: That was a personal attack, and a silly one at that. You think I’m a retard just because my opinion differs from yours? Way to go. How can my opinion not seem right? If I dislike something, like the way somebody acted in a movie – that’s my opinion and my opinion only. Get a clue.


    Val Kilmer is now known as Gay Perry forever.