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    Wow is this movie going to be ruined by the live action version or what?

    Plus every time I see this poster “MegaZone 23” pop’s in my head


    This movie is historic.

    If I was not an Atheist, I would pray nightly to Jesus and ask him to prevent Hollywood from re-making this.

    Unfortunately it is too late for Watchmen and Count of Monte Cristo. I still weep over these two adaptations.


    – Watchmen isn’t even out yet. Judging books by its cover much?

    They already said they were going to make it as true to the original story as much as possible.


    I saw this in the theater back when it came out. I thought it was the bee’s knees at the time. Haven’t seen it since then, so no idea if I would still think so. What’s with all these live-action remakes? Is Hollywood really so creatively deprived that they must recycle plots from 20-year old movies? Setting up a deliberate comparison between one’s movie and a classic like Akira seems a recipe for failure. I didn’t see Speed Racer, but I understand that’s kind of what happened to it. While on the subject of live-action movies adapted from cartoons, does… Read more »


    Sod off. I am judging a book by its ending, which the director has stated he never planned on keeping.

    A new ending by a Hollywood team of writers? That’s punk-ass graffiti on a work of art.

    I cannot think of a single movie that was made better by that tactic.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    apathy over redo’s is lame.

    If it gets redone live action it will be amazing.

    Blu Ray of this is out in February.


    Actually, even the DVD release sucks. They always insist on re-dubbing it, and inevitably they re-dub it with what their idea of the target audience is: 12 year-old American boys. As a result, it’s dumbed down compared to the old VHS version I have. I hate it. And I’d give odds to anyone who wants to bet that Hollywood won’t screw it up worse. I suppose we should be thankful Verhoeven isn’t directing, or we’d end up with an abomination worse than Starship Troopers.