We are no longer on top…

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The zombies have taken over

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    One of my favourite zombie pictures. The guy who made this produces some dope art.


    i love anything zombie and want to have a good long conversation about anything zombieriffic.


    Zombies? at the top of MY food chain? Dammit, wookie_x is slacking at his job!


    P-Zombies are more frightening because they look and act and sound and smell and talk just like regular people…
    But they have no soul and they are all around us….
    Pretending to be humans but really just slowly choking us out of our world in their relentless monotonous droning way. They are the crowds in the malls. They are the traffic on the streets and sidewalks. They chatter to NOBODY on their cell phones while they herd on and off the trains. They fill the buildings downtown and all the plants and factories. They’re fucking EVERYWHERE!!!

    Billy Manic

    sylvanish: What makes you think you aren’t one? And don’t pull this cogito ergo sum stuff on me :p. If it’s identical to a person, then to me, it’s a person. A clone could be my best friend or lover. We hate on P-Zombies and clones, but, they’re just trying to live on like we are.


    Those are my favourites. And the reason why I don’t own any phones. No but seriously, it’s the closest to the real thing I’ll probably ever get, so I’m enjoying every second.
    I think the most amazing thing about a zombie apocalypse, wouldn’t be the zombies. But rather how people would react to it. If there was a way to see that, realistically, without the world really ending, man I’d do anything.

    Billy Manic

    That is until they try biting us, then fuck that.

    Billy Manic

    sylvanish: But taken into consideration, that is frightening.


    : that’s how they are calling THEY now? Zombies?? Damn,I need an update!


    Boy, I guess.


    dieAntagonista: realistically watch 28 month’s later ^^


    Sure, show the pussy animals. Cows, pigs and chickens won’t eat your ass.


    MonkeyHitman: Nah man, movies are never the real deal. Never. And 28 months was a little disappointing… but only when compared to 28 days later which I loved very much.
    Besides, technically the infected people in 28 months later weren’t zombies. The director said that also.


    There are so few zombies out there as to not even be a consideration on the food chain. On the other hand, where is the category for sharks with frikkin laser beams on their heads?


    Where do zombie cows fit on this chart?


    They balance out into the same category as people. That means they are our arch rivals and we must do a training montage (All of us. Yes, even you. You too.) if we are to stand a chance against them.

    Oh, and if we can defeat them, then we can fight the actual zombies.


    ITT: People who HAVE read World War Z or people who damn well BETTER read World War Z. Amazon that shit, or however you roll- read the damn book.


    Vampires> Werewolves> Zombies

    Billy Manic

    MonkeyHitman: dieAntagonista: “28 months” lolwut.
    28 Weeks Later.


    Billy Manic: i hope you know there’s a second movie …..

    dieAntagonista: no you know what is dissapointing to watch is shaun of the dead. disgrace to zombie movies…well very stupid zombies

    okay your pick
    Zombie has taken over the world

    1. dumbass zombies but you get no weapons
    2. super itelligent strong fast zombies but you are so heavly equiped you make rambo look like a 5 year old girl


    Om nom nom … wait, wot?!


    … or sharks with zombie master heads with swords through them in their mouths!
    (Hint: best handled by a Shaolin Cowboy with a Darth Maul style dual chainsaw polearm!)

    Billy Manic

    MonkeyHitman: I know there is a second movie. 28 Weeks Later is the second movie. 28 Days Later is the first one. There is no 28 Months Later. Yet. :]


    Billy Manic: Haha oops. Yea something just didn’t feel right when I typed that.

    MonkeyHitman: Man I agree 100%. I refused to watch Shaun of the dead for a long time, then when I did watch it, I was quite disappointed.
    And I’d pick the second option. Even if I wouldn’t survive for very long, I’d have infinitely more fun. Well almost.


    I’ll take the dumb slow zombies. I grew out of my heavily armed combat monster phase a long time ago. Just no fun.But McGuyvering weapons on the fly? Thats what keeps life interesting.


    Haha oh yeah McGuyver used to be my hero. Well that’s something else, I thought no weapons at all, not even improvised ones. If you’re allowed to do that, then I too prefer dumb slow zombies.


    Last night, Francis and Louis made it onto the helicopter. Bill and Zoey were Left 4 Dead.

    What’s really bad about that is that I went back to help someone and got mobbed and abandoned. If only I had a pipe bomb.

    Tiki, you got L4D yet?


    I’m a zombie, true story.


    Bears in people all the time. In the Blue Canadian Rockies it’s only news if it happens in a tourist trap. But in most parts it would happen oh three or four times a year at least.

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