Hi-Res Big Mac

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    tiki god

    ugh, steamed hamburgers? no thanks


    LOL arteries.


    i havent eaten at mcdonalds since i saw supersize me back in, i dunno, 2004?

    looking at this, i do NOT miss it. bleah.


    Food photography is big bucks, and pros can make truly ordinary food look amazingly delicious.

    Clearly this is not a pro.


    They’d sell a lot more burgers if what you purchased actually looked like the picture above the counter. Remember the Whammyburger scene in the movie “Falling Down”? That’s why I don’t eat in these places.


    i havent eaten macdonals in 9 or so years 🙂 I stopped when i was in grade 6



    Kill it with fire.


    Looks like an old ladies flappy vagina.


    This looks pretty damn good to me. And I’ve never had a Big Mac in my life (and I’ve only been to McDonald’s maybe a dozen times in my entire life).


    yawn: Poor much?


    I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s in 5 years. The last time I did was in Charleston, SC. I got a cobb salad. There was a dead fly at the bottom. One of those dried up ones you find on windowsills. It wasn’t that incident in particular that made me stop eating there – I was just put off it for a while, but then I saw Super Size Me a year later and just lost my taste for all of it.


    i would have seckshule innercorse with that vaginea. by that i mean, i would stick my cockles balls deep into it./


    Wow. I came to comment expecting a flood of “I could eat 20 in 10 minutes!” responses. Instead I find a McDonalds Anonymous group.

    I haven’t eaten any fast food in 4 years. The only one I still get hunger pains for is Taco Bell, for some reason.


    Paul_Is_Drunk: People are aware.


    I live in Asia and eat McDonald’s almost every other day. Does that make me a bad person?


    BigDisk: Most definitely.


    Asian McDonalds is high quality rich people food.

    The Dude

    Another shitty mc donalds burger.


    Don’t eat the burgers, but am addicted to the fries. Gotta be fresh out of the fryer,though. Stale fries are worse than skunky beer.


    I have never had a Big Mac. I hope that’s cheese on the bottom and not gobs of mustard. I did love the McRibs though. I know they were absolutely horrible for you and tasted absolutely fake…but I still loved them. It’s prolly a good thing they don’t make them anymore.


    compasseagle89: You realize that what he did in that movie would have pretty much gotten the same result at any fast food place…or any restaurant in general. Gosh, eating large portions makes you fat and unhealthy? WHO KNEW!
    McDonald’s isn’t the problem. People with no self control are. I’m one of them, but I don’t try to blame others for my own damn issues. It’s called “accountability”.

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