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I have no idea where this is

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    I hate whoever owns it. Lucky fuckers.


    wow… just wow. color me jealous


    I just drank a bottle of Haterade


    Redefine “in ground pool”


    Could be in Belize, maybe Cancun. Bora Bora, Maldives… Lots of homes and resort properties built overwater like that.


    I couldn’t sleep there… I’d be too worried about killer tsunamis.


    deuce: what about cthulu?


    Shooped. I can tell by the pixels.
    No but seriously, the water never looks this fucking good. First you pay way too much money to visit these places. And while you expect something like in this picture, all you get is nasty green water with crabs and shit in them.
    You’re lucky if you get home aids-free, that is if you manage not to step on any syringes on the beach.
    If there was any place that looked this good, nobody would ever come back.

    In other words, yea I’m jealous too.


    aw fuk yeah taken photo of my house again eh


    dieAntagonista: Tis true some of the time, but after the touristas leave, after the red tide disperses, after the crabs succumb to the ravenous herons, then there is time to enjoy the turquoise waves. Just watch out for bull sharks.


    I could not tell you if they are still that clear, but the waters off the south/west coast of Okinawa were…paradise. The beaches were not all that great, but once you were out in the water among the reefs….sigh. But to own an Island house like that in the pic? Only if your name has a few billion jillion dollars attached to it.


    looks a lot like a place i stayed at in Bora Bora a few years back. and yes, the water DOES look like that.


    Okinawa you say? I wrote it down. It’s on my list now. Better be good.

    NotJesus: Turquoise waves is what I want. Bull sharks? Good thing I don’t know what those look like.
    But too bad I’m a tourist no matter where I go.



    Its not shopped. There are places in the world where the water is so clear you can easily see the ocean bottom and the wildlife in between.

    I’ve been to some places like that in Hawaii. Fuckin’ beautiful.

    Louis E.

    I can safely say this is not anywhere near Canada.


    I believe you’re correct (Bora-Bora). Pics like this is why I’ve stayed here on Guam. I’m 5 min. from the beach. 28 years here is better than Indiana or Tenn. any day. We have Planet Hollywood, TGIF, Chili’s KFC, Big Macs,etc…. Eat your hearts out!!!


    I have never understood how houses built on “foundations” as ephemeral as that hold up. Seriously, I’d think after six months, none of the doors would close properly and you’d have broken wood around all the plumbing. I suppose you just build it like a houseboat that never leaves its dock or something.

    : don’t you have bird eating snakes destroying your wildlife and some other weird invassive shit going on in Guam?


    Like them a lot, but the images should be bigger and thus more wallpaper-worthy.


    WistfulD: Pilings. Lots of pilings pounded deep into the sand. You’d be surprised at how well they work. Same thing with those long fishing piers.



    Most of this pics are taken with polarized filters, to eliminate reflections and reveal the true color of the water, so while they look like this live, they come out even better on the images.
    Try buying some polarized sunglasses and look at the ocean.


    you don’t know where this is? o rly?

    Then it’s my house.


    Dyna-Mole: I need a drink of that. Where might one get some? LOL

    VBRAH: If that’s your house, I hate you. 🙂 Good day, sir!


    Dear god, but I would really like to be there right now – the weather here is cold, dark, wet and miserable.


    Maldives or Tahiti.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Its French Polynesia.


    Okinawa still has beautiful waters. There’s a reason its the #4 diving spot in the world. There is also a reason I stayed in Okinawa instead of moving back to the states, the beaches are more awesome than those back on the East Coast. I work right on the beach front…get to see those amazing waters everday.


    Thank you Luna. It is nice to know the place I thought was Paradise as a kid is still beautiful. I liked the beaches, but they were not the wide open flat sand that the tourists want. (at least not where my dad’s squadron used to go for dives and parties)


    Thanks for asking, we have very few snakes now. Some of the endangered species of birds were taken off island and bred in Stateside Zoos. They’re being reintroduced to the wild. Disney World has helped alot!


    It’s from Rangali, Maldives. My dad’s been there and he recognized the place immediately. check


    It’s definately the Hilton (now Conrad) in Maldives. I’ve been there. BTW… it costs about US$ 10 000.00 a night!!

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