Pot Bear

Pot Bear

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    Good idea!!


    Tiki God where is my Glasgow picture??? Why is it not up?? Do you only allowed stolen material from 4Chan to be uploaded?


    your picture probably just sucked too much


    It was pretty rawr and dark, but I wouldn’t of thought it would of upset people that much. Just what gangs do for fun to peoples faces in Glasgow.


    420! Personally I prefer a bong to a joint though.


    Me too, but I am also quite fond of my vaporizer and my mom makes the wickedest brownies

    Luke Magnifico

    @Vipershot: They don’t actually do that.


    @sylvanish: I’m scared of trying brownies. I suppose I would if I ever had the chance though.

    Luke Magnifico

    I’ve never understood how they work.


    @LukeV1-5: Brownies? You bake them with some good stuff and you eat them.. apparently it takes a bit longer before it works, but then it works really good.. Ive never tried but if i were to try something like that they tempt more than pulling smoke down my lungs.. so this is just facts ive picket up here and there..

    Luke Magnifico

    No, I mean, like…

    How does it not just taste like eating weed.



    They don’t taste EXACTLY like eating weed. They still taste like chocolate (depends on weed to chocolate ratio).

    How it really works though – Your digestion of the brownies causes it to really soak into your systems, directly pulling THC from it really beats the hell out of you.

    The only time I was higher than eating brownies was my first hit. There had to be something in that shit, I was eating an apple and time kept slowing down and speeding up and I could hear every scrape of my teeth against the apple. Its fucking crazy.


    In a Pot Bear vs. Pedo Bear fight, Pedo would kick his ass.


    Most people actually use weed. But if you really want something different and that actually tastes good use ganga butter.(I wonder if I spelled that right)Don’t ask me how to make it though, I’m allergic to the THC.

    purple banana

    Delta 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, as well as the other cannabinoids present in pot, are highly fat soluble, and only a fraction water soluble- THC is a very strongly bonded molecule which also must be converted, so just eating it and letting your stomach try to do that won’t work, nor will just tea. By heating it up, you can break down the chains and allow them to be absorbed by your body; by having a fat source mixed in with the bud, the THC can readily attach to it after being broken down. Combustion from fire breaks down THC’s strong bonds for… Read more »


    I eat brownies before I go hiking or jogging and also before sex or any other physical activity that can be improved with a groove on. I think my grandma specifically uses Sativa in her recipe, but I don’t know for sure. Whichever one is more physical than cerebral. Where as I’ll smoke it when I’m reading or playing video games or anything like that. But, yeah, Ganja butter is the way to go; once all the THC has been bonded to the fat in the butter, the pulp can be strained out and tossed in the compost bin. If… Read more »