Sweet Jesus I hate Bill O’Reilly

as much as I hate O’Reilly, there’s a blonde girl on Fox News that makes my blood boil too.  God I hate that woman.


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    Hear hear.
    Blond girl? Nancy Grace? Though I don’t know if she’s on foxnews, I don’t watch tv. But I despise her. Same goes for Bill.


    Megyn Kelly

    But I sure would have sex with her.

    Bill O’Reily – I’m honestly ambivalent. He’s got an opinion show and he puts his opinion out there, and he may have the opinion that he can spout things that aren’t entirely true or things that are entirely untrue. I just ignore him.


    This Megyn person is attractive yes. But she can’t be that bad, or I would have heard of her.

    The only time I liked Bill was when he interviewed Manson. I would have never expected a man like him to do that.


    Can we get this made into a shirt? I’d wear that.


    Yeah! And can we get the same thing with Rush Limbaugh on the back?


    I live in Dallas, and believe me, we’ve got plenty of conservative talk shows (radio, of course). And the ones that are local are (mostly) down to earth, and let people talk about their opinion and only interrupt when someone says something unbelievably wrong (as in no doubt, no question wrong, but let them get their point out and discuss it like adults.

    I’ve listened to Bill O’Reily some on the radio . . . and my biggest pet peeve of ANY talk show host, is interrupting the caller to the point that the caller isn’t even saying anything but a roughly connected stream of words that don’t make a complete though. I don’t listen to the national guys anymore.

    bright green


    Catherine Longfellow

    The Scientologist anchor Greta Van Sustersan of Fox News annoys the shit out of me. I wish her kooky cult would up and kill themselves already.


    How does Scientology mesh with the supposed conservative lean of Fox News? I don’t get that. Oh well.


    Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham and the chick that fills in when Bill is gone(is that the chick you mean Tiki?).

    I started a hit list. These people are not human. They consistently prove that fact.

    Bill O’Reilly does not do interviews, he does interrogations.

    Catherine Longfellow

    Scientologists, before they reach OT3 are actually anti-homosexual, war mongering elitists, so it’s not THAT much of a suprise. Besides, she used to anchor for CNN until they did a piece on Scientology. Then she got all pissy and left. w/e


    Say what? Since when are scientologists homophobic. And uh, when was the last time scientologists started a war.
    That’s the first time I should hear that.


    Better hope they aren’t cause when their reborn messiah Xenu Cruise comes out of the closet they’re likely to have a collective meltdown.

    Catherine Longfellow

    XD then you should read more Dianetics.

    1. the Church openly supported prop 8
    2. Dianetics (the scilon bible) claims homosexuality is a mental disease which they can ‘cure’.
    3. Watch the documentary ‘His Highness Hollywood’ and hear it for yourself from a scientologist recruiter.

    As for teh woarmongering commentary, I only half-joke because Scientologists are at ‘war’ with Pschiatrists 24/7. Just google teh CCHR for more on this. They use the word ‘war’ to describe this fanatical obsession with destroying all psychiatrists and any drug which affects the mind. (Even seizure meds)

    tl;dr summary:
    5 minutes on Google. Don’t take my word for, the truth is all out there in black and white.


    Haha yea that’s what I meant, with Tom Cruise, how can they be homophobic.
    That South Park episode is gold.

    I didn’t know they supported prop 8. But so what, so did Google.
    Well, but they’re not against gays the way other religions are. They only do it to appeal to the masses, since it’s all just a scam right?
    I really don’t think any gay person feels threatened by Scientology.


    Tom may be ‘cured,’ but he’s turning his wife into a female version of himself, and you can bet that he likes to take the back roads through the woods.

    Catherine Longfellow

    dA: They aren’t “against gays” because they don’t think homosexuality even exists. They think it’s a fake disease like cancer and pneumonia oh, and AIDS. 😛

    They’re only a ‘threat’ when you stop to think that Hubbard’s infallible words tell them that homosexuals and all ‘sexual deviants’ should be ‘fixed or done away with’.

    The realistic and good side of this is that they will never be as powerful or as dangerous as the Roman Catholic Church of teh Middle Ages, though they each secretly wish for it. People this day and age just aren’t that dumb. 🙂


    I don’t think they think homosexuality is a disease.
    I think whatever they do or say, has only one purpose – make more money.
    How is a business, a threat to a group of people with a certain sexual preference.
    The people who have all of this in their hands, most likely know it’s not a real religion. Only their brainwashed monkeys might don’t, but what are they gonna do.

    Until I don’t see any scientologists running around, telling people homosexuality is a sin/disease, I don’t care what they do.


    I love how there’s a Scientology discussion under a Bill O’Reilly post. This place is great.


    Srsly guys, get back to your hate.


    Okay, how about that sniveling whiner, Chris Mathews?!




    look at that turkey neck

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