Jesus Loves You

Jesus Loves You

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    Hate. You’re doing it wrong =)

    Alec Dalek

    You always know you’re dealing with a brand new christians when they’re spouting shit like that. Don’t worry, after 2-5 years they either mellow, or give it up entirely. Think of the “Bible Fruit” episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


    AlecDalek: O rly? You obviously don’t know the die-hard,-I want to save your soul even though my god thinks you’re the most disgusting scum of the earth- 40+ Christians.
    I found them mostly on the Internet.


    Yeah seriously, I know plenty of long time christians who’d say the same exact thing.


    Sadly, you guys don’t know Christians. You know a bunch of Pharisees. In my experience, people like this are either baaaaaby Christians, are they’re hypocrits. AlexDalek is right, real Christians mellow out if they really believe in their Faith. It’s the ones who use it as a status symbol that wind up acting like this.

    I am a Christian, and I fucking hate this fucking fucker too. Making us all look like a bunch of idiots 😛


    ^I believe you are mistaken. There’s a whole army out there like that. Here, meet yokeup if you don’t believe me-


    aarpie’s modern and quite inaccurate use of the word “Pharisee” in this context proves his ignorance. If you’re going to use archaic terminology, at least use it properly instead of how your Jesus crazy friend/relative/teacher misinterpreted it to you, you fucking neophyte. Try doing some actual research and think for yourself for a change. And hate him or not, you don’t need any help looking like an idiot.
    And yes, there are millions of them out there. For you to think otherwise makes me suspect you are one of them and don’t even know it.


    I went to a Christian Jr High and I went along with everyone else just to fit in (even though I really didn’t believe any of it). After getting out of that scary school I realized the whole institution was there to brainwash youth into the Christian belief system. That and the fact I have crazy religious relatives turned me off of religion completely. Buddhists and pagans are fucking cool though.

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