dark side of the moon

dark side of the moon

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    Brevity Truta

    There’s too many rings—This is the Space Age
    There’s too many things—This is the Space Age
    Just ain’t no atmosphere tonight

    If you’re lucky you get to ride in a gold meteorite
    If you’re not, you get a mouth, a mouthful of red Kryptonite
    You better move over
    Here comes a Super-nova
    Kryptonite- – –
    Destination moon

    If you’re in outer space
    Don’t feel out of place
    ’cause there are thousands of others like you
    Others like you
    Others like you

    Well there’s a moon, it’s in the sky
    It’s called the moon


    Goethe is the man, yo.


    awesome album


    LSD Required.


    sweet, thats my new wallpaper


    Brevity Truta:
    Many gamma rays around it
    Van allen belt surrounds it
    This is the space age
    Please don’t worry
    This is the space age
    Just don’t worry
    This is the space age
    Others like you

    B-52s FTW.

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