NX-01 Entierpsie

NX-01 Entierpsie

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    it’s sad that the real star of these series and movies ends up with such a meh version of the story. Poor little Enterprise. 🙁


    The nerd in me is impressed.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Its sad that tiki can’t spell “Enterprise” when its right there, on the picture.


    He’s prolly drunk.
    Isn’t this the Enterprise from the series with what’s his face? From Quantum Leap?


    It’s not sad!! It’s pure comedy!!!! LMAO!


    NCC-1701-D is my favorite Enterprise, besides the revamped Wrath of Kahn Enterprise


    I have to disagree with the popular opinion that Enterprise sucked. It was mediocre for too seasons (reminiscent of the less worthwhile bits of TNG, but with worse acting) but it got really good right before the end. The acting on the show was really fine by Star Trek standards, although the captain was TERRIBLE, and the writing was more-or-less on par with the other series.

    I’m really wishing they’d do a series of Enterprise’ Temporal Cold War from the ‘Future’ side of it.


    I liked it. But likely the last Trek series. was rumored to be an academy show bout a group of students. Bleh no interest in Trek 90210.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Here’s my idea to revive Trek. Anthology series.
    Every week change things around to a different time period, different crew, whatever. One week it would be a story in TOS era, next week a story from a Klingon point of view, next week a Mirror universe story and so on. Do the same story twice, but from the point of view of different sides. If one particular crew/era is popular, bring it back for another episode, but overall keep mixing it up with old and new stuff.


    @reboot: I’d definitely watch that.
    I thought they pulled ST:Enterprise too soon. All the series’ have taken at least 2 seasons to get it together. Most scifi shows seem to need a couple of seasons to find their groove.


    Agreed, nyokki. The first two seasons of TNG, DS9, and Voyager were all pretty bad. Unfortunately, Enterprise’s first two were so shitty that I actually stopped watching the show about midway through the third. I consider myself a diehard Trek fan. It saddened me greatly but I just couldn’t bring myself to keep doing it. I finally watched the rest of the episodes a year or two ago. The fourth season wound up to be pretty damn good. My problems with the show: Subpar acting. Blatant sexism. Bad writing. Poor directing. DS9 and Voyager had some of these negative attributes… Read more »

    tiki god

    @MikeBabaguh: I quit watching with the Nazi Aliens that Time Traveled. #1 pet peeve is time travel. I HATE IT. Absolutely with a passion HATE any story that has ANYTHING to do with time travel. This is why my nerd raaaage is primed for the new Trek movie. It supposedly involved timetravel and spock. FUCK TIME TRAVEL. I will automatically reject ANY story that has it in it, and you have to fight UP from that. First Contact BARELY did that, and only because they didn’t fuck with continuity and didn’t wipe the slate at the end of the movie.… Read more »


    I hated First Contact… “We’ll go back in time and tell the guy who invented warp drive that he invented warp drive, and then ride along with him when he tries it out! But this won’t have ANY EFFECT on the future of course!”

    Stupid goddamn movie. The other TNG ones were only vaguely better. Add the TNG movies to the Enterprise show and I say the franchise is better off dead.


    Entierpsie? You really ought to lay off the sauce there Tiki. At least just a little. You can always drink after you post you know…


    First Contact was arguably the best TNG movie, despite its blatant disregard for the Temporal Prime Directive. Insurrection gets a C on my gradesheet. It would’ve made a really good TV two-parter. Generations gets a B+. I know a lot of Trek fans don’t like it but I really do. Nemesis gets a fucking F. Every time I watch it my brain rewrites it to not suck. The ONLY good thing about that film was the fully 3-D choreographed space battle, and some of Shinzon’s dialogue. The rest was garbage. Also, whenever I saw Commander Donatra I kept seeing her… Read more »