harley quinn smiles

harley quinn smiles

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    I want to see a good live-action version of her. Is there no woman who can pull it off???

    Btw, this picture just BEGS for nipples.



    tiki god

    @yawn: you should check out Comic-Images we’ve got a ton of live action stuff over there.

    I swear to GOD.


    HQ, at least the traditional HQ, I think would be hard to pull off.

    She’s kind of a weird mix of lucid, naive, “Girl Next Door” sweetness and deranged psychopath.

    I’m sure someone could do it, I just can’t think of anyone.

    Brevity Truta

    Juliette Lewis, back in the day. These days, it’d be cast on how well the starlet squeezes into the pocket-handkerchied sized lycra costume.


    Heath Ledger could do it….
    He was the Joker you know.

    Summer Glau? She’s Uber hawt AND she can act a little

    Luke Magnifico

    I think Glau could pull it off. She’s good at Crazy.


    Yea, but Glau is way too serious… She doesn’t seem like she’s be able to pull off the “Joy of innocence” thing convincingly. She tends to play much more sombre characters.

    She could probably pull off a superb “Dark Knight” version of HQ though. I imagine she’d be much darker than the ones we’ve seen portrayed up till now.

    Hmm… Just occurred to me, Drew Barrymore might be able to do a classic HQ…