Please Don’t Beat Your Woman

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    Alec Dalek

    Awesome, the mugs show you what you’re supposed to do, while enticing you by telling you not to. This campaign will be successful in getting more men to beat their women.

    (I’m not advocating, just mocking)

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    At first glance it looks like its just saying don’t hit a woman with this beer mug.


    I say she’s asking for it. She’s between him and his beer. Who’s that stupid?


    As if alcoholics who beat their women are gonna suddenly change their entire lifestyle after seeing this shit. Pfft



    women are just as prone to domestic violence as men. probably moar so.

    women are violent, viscously, and vindictive.

    plus, they are fucking worthless, and use police as their own personal bouncers.

    they are also liars to the Nth degree.


    Think you’ve had enough there buddy


    er, violent and viscously vindictive.

    you may call me /v/

    Special Kail

    You guys are missing the point. It says please don’t lose control over your drinking. It means make sure your mug of alcohol has been safely placed on a flat, even surface before beating your wife, so as to not lose any precious suds.


    Wow. I think Natedog has “mommy” issues.


    I actually agree that women are more violent, but its often not an issue due to their strength difference to men. Girls like to hit you when you make a crude joke, beat them at a game, ect. Its joking around violence (most of the time), but the reason its more amusing than annoying is because it never hurts, or even better, they hurt themselves by hitting you, which then makes it downright hilarious.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Natedog is tired of getting his ass-kicked by girls.

    Alec Dalek

    @natedog: You’re right about the just as prone part (just watch cops).


    @hvymetal86: As a female who doesn’t fit into that *whatsoever*, your comment made me laugh… but it does largely seem to be true.

    I used to fight a lot… I know how to hit. But I’ve only hit one person who didn’t hit me first out of anger and I used an open hand. I felt bad for giving in but omg, he deserved it and 4 years later, I still smile.

    … am I proving natedog’s point yet? >:D


    I stand by my previous comment.
    I think Natedog’s mommy fondled him as a young boy.


    @mintymadness: Actually, boys sexually molested by their mothers tend to have different sorts of attitudes towards women. It’s the boys who had angry, neglectful moms and/or parents who divorced and the father went away without explanation who end up hating women.

    They also need to have weak minds who bought into the boy code mentality in elementary school.


    i’d hit it.


    Real men beat their meat, not their wives and girlfriends.


    You must have had some fucked up women if there were all ‘viscous’. Personally, I don’t consider myself to be thick, sticky or goopy, so I’m not sure where you got that idea about women from. :/



    I certainly have never met any women that

    1. Having relatively high resistance to flow.
    2. Viscid; sticky.


    no, not my mommy. she’s an awesome mommy. i have just known too many crazy bitches. i’d give you the story, but this is the internets and it’s really none of your beezwax. my point is that far too many women are emotional terrorists who use people and leave a trail of destruction and drama in their wake. and not even for the lulz. also, your average women is a liar. women, if you take offense to this statement and are currently wearing any of the following, kindly STFU: high heels, make up, a push up bra/fake tits, a wig/dyed… Read more »


    @hvymetal86: women make up for the lack of strength by going right for your most tender bits. women go for the jugular as soon as they can.



    @natedog: I fucking hope that you are joking, because that has to be one of the dirtiest rants i’ve ever read, and i’m wishing even more that Tiki had a /ignore option right about now. If I built my view of men only on the men that I have dated, then I could go ahead and say that the average man is a lying, cheating, insensitive, useless piece of shit that takes his woman for granted, is obsessed with his ugly cock, and even though he can’t find anything in his house on his own, still believes that he is… Read more »


    @bajizzle: Nope, natedog is absolutely right. I make it my hobby to destroy good men who expect a good woman. Siphoning off their happiness to keep me happy is a trade-off I can live w/. Once I’m done w/ one, I start on the next one. It’s so easy and better than working for a living. Gunface’s mom is my mentor and I’m an excellent student.


    @nyokki: ROFLMAO…


    9000 Internets. Not that you needed them, but…