How To Watch The Election

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    Suck it, beetus!




    I don’t really care that much that Obama won but I work around a lot of blacks who are fucking jumping around like monkeys you would see at the zoo. It really makes me wonder how they complain about getting stereotyped. Not to mention I’ll have to deal with “OOOOOO OBAMA WON OOOOOO MCCAIN LOST WHAT NOW!?!?!?!” all day, which pisses me off.


    @Exacerbate: As if it would be any different if McCain won.


    You’ve had your eight years, exacerbate. You wanna talk about stereotypes: George W.hitey Bush.

    Snarky Parker

    Damn, all of you are acting like penetrated vaginas over this…fuck whether or not you’re Republican or Democrat.

    Alec Dalek

    @Exacerbate: It’s exactly what you’d be doing if McCain won, so shut the fuck up loser!


    i figure we are screwed either way…im gonna hang around long enough to see if all this shit will get fixed but if it starts going downhill im out of here


    I’m with goforbroke, I think everyone should start stockpiling arms or move out of the US, just in case shit goes down hill… If he solves it all, fucking beautiful.
    If not, I’ll be damned if I’m going to be killed in the ensuing anarchy/ Chinese Invasion.
    Sawn-off shotgun for the win. 😀