Bread So French… It Must Be Liberated!

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I saw this at Jimmy John’s and lol’d. Now you guys can lol, too.

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    I saw something like this once only it said ‘Bread so French, it surrenders.’


    I don’t get the thing about France and surrendering.


    @NotMe: It’s hard to think of one solid, lasting French military victory. Even their best, Napoleon, tried to invade Russia.


    @NotMe: I’m guessing it’s a reference to WWII. Apparently the French gov’t decided to not get trampled again and surrendered to Germany rather than fight. They decided to fight as a resistance instead. They couldn’t have stood against Germany by the time Hitler attacked. The french gov’t re-grouped in Bourdeaux (after losing 2 battles)but it was clear that in a little more than a month France had fallen. It’s a brief explanation, but you get the point. I’ve never viewed the French as cowards for this. It kept the Germans busy and they got a lot of information out to… Read more »


    @DCR: Well, there was that time that they took over 1/4 or more of Africa and also a big chunk of southeast Asia for 150 years. But I suppose you’re going to say something about Asians and Blacks now.

    I’ll put it this way. Once upon a time the Kingdom of France was about the size of Paris + outskirts. A lot of the most powerful kingdoms of the middle ages vanished in the face of French expansion.


    I’ve had real French bread from corner store bakeries in Paris… and I have to say… in comparison, Jimmy Johns is about as Epic Fail as you get for French bread. -100 internets

    Luke Magnifico

    You know what I always liked about WWII?

    France covered one flank really well.

    So Germany invaded Poland to go around.


    The French are particularly proud of their cowardice, this is why they are known here in England as “cheese eating surrender monkeys”, a phrase used by Willie in the Simpsons one time as I seem to remember.


    @Caio: I think that was more the work of the Gauls than the French of recent ages.


    : I was going to say William taking England in 1066, but he and the Normans were what, 2nd or 3rd gen viking settlers?


    They held on to England (on and off) for quite a long time. I always figured that was the reason for England’s enmity toward them.