increases in the national debt

increases in the national debt

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    Here it is once and for all in living color: The difference between Tax & Spend Liberals and Spend & Spend Conservatives.

    beep beep

    Listen, if we don’t spend all our money now, we won’t get another chance to ever spend it again.


    Alright, here to explain this chart to all you people ignorant to the workings United States economy is DR FUCKING DEVINE. I’m going to start with the first blue patch and work from there. The massive spending increases you see after the first blue is a result of reagan spending loads to set up new economic programs that would later decrease the debt and in general lower the deficit, as well as decrease income taxes, etc. Everyone dug this, so it passed, and the spending increase began so the dip could occur. Next came good old george HW bush, who… Read more »


    Except you’re totally wrong. So ya got that going for you.


    Wow, this chart is hilarious, it like comparing how many legos a kid swallows to the value of gold, totally unrelated.

    FYI, the president can’t use a dime unless the CONGRESS spends it. And guess who runs the congress now? hmmmm.



    I was just about to ask if someone had this chart with control of senate and house overlaid.


    @TGGeko: What was that huge increase spent on? Iraq? Bailout? Anyone who thinks we can get out of the Bush mess (both of ’em) w/out raising taxes is on glue.


    400 Million per day in Iraq, for starters. Rolling Stone had a fantastic article last year about how piss-poorly we’re handling our budget there. Some dude making hundreds of thousands of dollars to sit in a booth with his pet dog? Piles of cash money guarded by one guy who leaves the key on the desk when he breaks for lunch? Loads of equipment burned in pits because it costs too much to move it? Crazy stuff.


    @TGGeko: Though in some instances that is true, the president does already have set things he can spend on, such as soldier pay, various defense budgets, recruitment, etc. The pres can also pass which budgets go through and which ones don’t, due to the whole veto power thing. @nyokki: The bush mess is relatively easy to get out of, its just going to take some time to work. ANd it will involve spending on programs that will actually give back, as well as cutting social security quick before the baby boomers crash the economy the rest of the way. Like… Read more »


    Look: You can say or argue whatever you want.

    The common public perception is that Republicans are bad with money but good for business, and Democrats are good with money but bad for business. Whatever grounds that has in reality is moot, because people will vote and follow along those grounds.

    Blame the new Bush and Clinton if you want. New perceptions will emerge with Obama, and it will be treated and perceived that the new ideas will be what the parties are or have always been. That’s politics for you.

    Special Kail

    Also, no one has acknowledged the fact that W. has been vetoing shit left and right since demos took over congress.


    How about a graph including the total expenditures and the tax rates too, rather than just the deficits.


    yay graph party.


    graph orgy ftw.


    @Dr.Devine: Dude, you have the same name as one of my history professors this semester…AND you’re both doctors! WTF!


    Ah, my degree is in counseling psychology though…..


    @Dr.Devine: Fuck Ronald Reagan. Seriously when are people gonna stop sucking his dick, someone tried to shoot him for a reason.


    @Dr.Devine: also bill clinton creates a surplus and your going to credit a regime from a decade before his time?

    Special Kail

    @vandal: YEAH!!! FUCK RONALD REAGAN!!!


    @vandal: Just like a retard, you took one thing out of my argument and responded to it, rather than the whole argument itself. You went on bitch fit about people sucking reagan dick, and muttered something about clinton being responsible for the surplus.(First off, it wasn’t a surplus dipshit. Second, This graph is essentialy a map of the deficit, it does not truly display spending into the debt. Those are two different things.) Go back to my post, then accurately and completely attack my argument. Otherwise, you just come off sounding slow witted and robotic, like the rest of the… Read more »


    @Paul_Is_Drunk: The only business Democrats may be “bad” for is BIG business. And even that is only in the sense that Dems expect them to hold to the same standards as small businesses ( Taxes, etc ). But, either way, BOTH parties are corrupt to the core and it’s a matter of choosing the lesser evil. What this country needs is a viable 3rd party to win an upset one election and maybe shock the Dems and Reps into removing their heads from their asses. Right now, both parties take for granted that they’ll always be in control and thus… Read more »


    AMEN and hallelujah.


    : Agreed. 😀