Brussel Sprouts

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Midget cabbage

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    Gary Generic

    I love brussel sprouts. But then, I once ate an entire head of raw cabbage as a snack.

    Wonder if it has to do with being Irish?


    I don’t think so. I have 0 Irish in me and I love these things. ‘Course, I had to find a way to cook ‘m up all yummy like, but a little browned butter and some season salt? Aww yeah… I wonder how bacon salt would taste with these….?!!


    a friend of mine said i was disgusting for eating them til she tried one. then she polished off the whole plate


    @schzoidmac: Humans are strange.


    HuMaNs Is dA KwAzIeSt PeOpLeS!!


    Brussel sprouts are the only food that has ever caused me to gag while eating it.


    Last time I ate brussel sprouts was in preschool. They made us eat them for lunch. I tried to chew one up but it was so gross that I just put it in my cheek. The teacher wouldn’t let me go to the bathroom so I kept it there until play time and then spit it out on the play yard. There is some chemical in brussel sprouts and cabbage that some people can taste and some people can’t. It’s pretty consistent that people who can taste the chemical are not big fans of these items. I can taste the… Read more »


    @outofocus: Haha that is adorable. I always hid food I didn’t like but had to eat, in the plant pots behind the table.

    I think I must be one of those people who can taste that chemical as well. I never heard of that before though.


    I think a lot of people also only had steamed, frozen sprouts their mothers fed them because they were “good for you,” and not properly sauteed sprouts. I have panceta/green onion reduction of balsamic vinegrette that I make and baste sprouts with before baking them–delish.


    My wife used to put her Peas in her father’s work shoes…then the next morning!????


    @outofocus: @dieAntagonista: Make that 3 of us. Yuck! I’d never heard that about tasting the chemical. Are there any other foods that it applies to? Every time someone says “Smell this, it smells like flowers” or “Try this it has a bouquet to it.”, I can guarantee all I’m smelling or tasting is chemicals.


    Never had them. Yeah, I’m lucky, my mom made potato balls. German food ftw. I did eat cabbage, and I do like cabbage. Still, too many bad things said about these things for me to try!

    beep beep

    Brussel sprouts let off sulpur compounds if overcooked. I would like to think that my dislike for them is because I’ve always had them overcooked or improperly cooked. They look good, but they never taste good. It makes me sad inside.


    Two words: Garlic Butter.


    LOL… I’m betting kids would love vegetables more if they had names like these…