Masterchief Looking At Cortana

Masterchief Looking At Cortana

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    flap flap flap

    Luke Magnifico

    You gon’ git raep’d


    i thought about putting this in the other day and giving it another play through…then i remembered how MSFT should have never put anything out past the first Halo


    token2k6: wtf you talking about halo 2 multiplayer was the shit even though halo 2 single player sucked ass but that’s beside the point
    then theres halo 3 which all around sucked balls

    Luke Magnifico


    Blood Fuckin’ Gulch.


    token2k6: why not?

    killerabbit37: you sound like an idiot. the way you communicate makes it impossible to take your opinion seriously.
    i mean it, you could be a lifelong gamer with tons of knowledge on what makes a legitimately good game and I would still hold you just under “Youtube Commenter” on the scale of things to pay attention to.


    rocket jousting, headshots, F-bombs, Redbull, and hours and hours on end.


    “your mine now, bitch”


    I have never got all the Cortana porn on the web. Is there a real attraction to a holographic representation of a computer with a female voice? My friends Mac can talk with a female voice, and so far I’ve had no desire to mount it.

    Luke Magnifico

    elzarcothepale: What’s your point? All of these things are present in Halo 1.


    : Ok, well with Halo you got a fresh concept, a totally new idea in the way a game is told from a story perspective and it had some very good splitscreen co-op. All of this made it very ‘memorable’. Halo 2 and Halo 3 comes out to all this hype and really disappoints. 1) there were really no ‘advances’ in graphics, even on the 360, they still all look the same…just a little more polished than the previous. 2) no breakthrough in gameplay mechanics (dual wield and vehicle mount? who cares! other games were doing this long before)

    Basically, I feel that Halo 2 and Halo 3 failed to innovate on a pre-established concept that won fans over.

    Its just like the Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions, that should be ’nuff said…



    Luke Magnifico

    token2k6: No, in fairness, the graphics did improve quite alot.


    exactly- sorry, i was listing some of my favorite blood gulch keywords

    token2k6: i have to go with luke on graphics. I didn’t get to dive into 3 as much as 1 and 2, but each game did have a much sleeker look to it- i’ve heard people compare the difference between one and two to the difference between the original controller and the modified revamp, and i have to agree.
    I’m with you on the dual wield, I don’t think it improved anything about the game except maniacal grenadefests with the bruteshot in multi (which, it can’t be denied, has a special place in a drunkgamer’s heart)
    However, I did enjoy the ride-jacking- but that’s just because it lent itself to some epic trash talk. Who didn’t love that moment, right before booting the driver, where you could really rub it in? You say other games were doing it, i say okay, sure you think it’s unworthy of hype- i get that, but you can’t deny that the execution wasn’t great.

    As a guy with a time consuming job, and friends who all have jobs with conflicting schedules, i have to judge games chiefly on the one-player experience. I dabble in the multi, but that’s about it. So, I agree on the Matrix comparison: A great plot concept, interesting characters and dramatic tension (to a degree, anyway) and then the sequels squander the potential.

    That said, i still don’t think that you can say they shouldn’t have made them- they missed the mark, but they didn’t suck. I mean- c’mon- the Matrix sequels dissapointed, but they weren’t as bad as the Star Wars debacle


    : hahaha, yeah i forgot about that whole star wars thing…

    also, I too thoroughly enjoy a single player campaign to the multi-player (and Resistance 2 is going to have TWO different campaigns!) but with that being said, Halo 2 was a blur as far as the story went (switching off b/t MC and the alien?) and the only memorable moment in Halo 3 was the ride on the warthog on the last level when its exploding all around you. The story line b/t all three games was not cohesive even though they wanted gamers to think that.

    yeah, a 10 hour campaign is good, but not great. It was almost as short as COD 4, and that was horrible! Halo 3 had the potential to be epic simply due to the fact that it was out on the 360, but developers opted to port 6 years of programming and “what worked” to make the game, thus compromising its graphical capabilities and the opportunity to have a very lengthy game.

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