Venus of Willendorf

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24,000 BC ‒ 22,000 BC Found near Willendorf, Austria. Discovered in 1908 by by Josef Szombathy. Made of limestone and tinted with red ocre.

The Venus is not a realistic portrait but rather an idealization of the female figure. Her vulva, breasts, and swollen belly, are heavily pronounced, suggesting a strong connection to fertility. Her tiny arms are folded over her breasts. The figure has no visible feet, her head being covered with circular horizontal bands of what might be rows of plaited hair, or a type of headdress.

The nickname, urging a comparison to the classical image of “Venus,” causes resistance in some modern analyses. According to Christopher Witcombe, “the ironic identification of these figurines as ‘Venus’ pleasantly satisfied certain assumptions at the time about the primitive, about women, and about taste.”

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    I’d hit that.


    Oh I totally would. I would destroy that.


    wasnt that thing in hell boy 2?


    sexy camel toe ….

    okay guys

    poll : she or jessica alba camel toe ?


    Don’t remember much but we were studying this statue in my Anthropology class. This was the “ideal” woman way back when.


    MonkeyHitman: Lmfao.
    You do realise she’s naked? That’s not a camel toe, it’s called a vulva.
    Tsk tsk.


    Mmm… slice me off a piece of that steaming vagina loaf.


    dieAntagonista: lol nooo she is covered in clay …just how i like em nice and dirty


    Haha, yah she is dirty for sure.


    You can have her, I don’t want her, she’s too fat for me. By herself she’s a group.


    It’s the mother of the WENDOL! OHNOES!! FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES!!!


    I bet the women back in the day built like that could spit the babies out. Course, it’s probably just an artistic exaggeration … something we’re able to actually realize in the human body these days with surgery.


    outofocus: Ahaha. Wait what °_°


    dieAntagonista: You know, back then they made statues of the ideal woman that encompassed all the things they felt were important (fertility, yadda)… now a days, women just go get their bodies altered to look like the current ideal.

    Anywhoo… I met someone yesterday who had this tattooed on his arm. I wanted to ask him if he liked fat girls but decided that I didn’t really want to go there.


    Ok, you guys don’t get it, this is not an “ideal woman” this is a self portrait, women of the paleolithic age did not have mirrors. the artist made this going by what she could see of herself…lay on a bed look down and draw what you see using the exact proportions that your eyes see.


    JDD: There were anorexics back then too?

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