Groovy Sun

345yethjgjgh.jpg (64 KB)

From DRB:
“This is a composite image from three wavelengths (171Ã , 195Ã and 284Ã ) – revealing solar features unique to each wavelength. (corresponding to temperatures from 1 to 10 million degrees C).”

IE Our sun on some really psychedelic stuff…

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    Where’d the goatse go?


    The Goatse was bought out by a group of wealthy, hermaphrodite, dutch investors. There is talk of some manner of Goatse hedge funds or some other type of financial product.


    That’s the sun? I thought it was the Earth after global warming takes its course.


    the suns convection is still a mystery to science. did you know the sun had two north poles in march 2000? well the poles switch every 11 years- the south pole had simply gone inside and traveled north but the magnetic north was still there when another magnetic north showed up..crazy shit.

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