Funny road signs

hookerauction.jpg (61 KB)

I saw these and had to snap a shot (with my phone unfortunately). A lot of rural roads seem to have functional names so this sign really made me wonder. heh

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    We have a Hooker Road not far from our house as well. Then there’s always Whacker Way…


    Until the prudish Victorians came along, most large towns in Britain had a gropecunt street. A few remain as Grape Streets.


    That’s a pretty damn good phone camera you’ve got there.


    We have a Hussey Road that leads to the local dump where I live. Very functional.

    purple banana

    We’ve got Hooker’s Mill Road, Morningwood road, and a town called Rocks…


    A lot of the roads here had their names changed or the new 911 set-up. So we’ve got:
    Goa way
    Alley loco loop
    Coon Kill
    You can live in Paradise Found (sub-division) on Lost Road.

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