Tree of Life

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Discovery Island, Disneyland

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    Where’s my Swiss Family Robinson Tree BITCHES!


    I saw a making of/behind the scenes docu on the Travel Channel. Simply amazing.


    Dacianprick: Yeah! I went back there a couple of years ago and it was changed to the stupid Tarzan house! What the hell Disneyland? Don’t forget your roots, bitches!


    Pun not intended … maybe subconciously …


    Speaking of knowing your roots, fuck you and your fucking wrong captioned picture you piece of EPIC FAIL. Thats not the world famous best happiest place on Earth, thats the very corporate, life sucked out of it, devoid of all emotion and human spirit piece of trash that is Disney World, a turd sandwich on the Disney Empire. Walt never walked through that park, he didn’t design it, he didn’t labor to make it a place of childish charm, it’s a sore that should never have happened, screw your tree and damn your second class DisneyLand.


    Take your ritalin, kiltedforbes.


    yea, that is from disneyworld at the animal kingdom.


    I’m sorry, but from someone that used to go once a week for a few years, I’m kind of sensitive about who uses it’s name in vain. I moved away from my family and friends and I rarely miss them, but the park, well the park is always there for me.


    DisneyLand is cool- DisneyWorld is ghetto.. ever been to Euro-disney? its in this dark-dank valley where the fog never lifts- try to have a great sunny/happy day there…(my friend got married there- and was not pleased-have since divorced)LOL.


    The ironic thing about the “tree of life” is that the animals are all DEAD and stuck in the tree.


    @flappycunt, I know its been said but really, best name ever.


    nyokki = diplomatic class


    I saw somewhere that there’s a 2k seating theatre underneath that tree.


    I’m sorry, have I used the word “Awesome” lately?

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