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Know your Mavericks; it could save your life

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    *not pictured* Ton Cruise from “Top Gun”, James Garner from “Maverick”, Dallas basketball player, & Ford Maverick

    Special Kail

    you also forgot funny, cuz it’s not pictured either.


    What kind of maverick wears a button with their own name on it.

    I mean, Chuck Norris, David Hasselhoff and Mr. T would never do it, so what was she thinking. Pfft.


    Wow, she does have a button with her name on it.

    Also, not very funny. Maybe if the other picture was Britney Spears, because I swear Spears is always making that stupid face seen here.


    thats the face she made when i showed her my wang

    Alec Dalek

    dieAntagonista: Retarded people will often have their name visible on their clothing.


    The image is actually much funnier if you take the text away and just leave in the missile aimed at Palin.


    Psycho bitch is psycho.


    none of this sarah palin shit is funny

    Alec Dalek

    Palin: The woman that single-handedly destroyed the Republican Party


    Hey, I saw this post you commented on saying you had “really cool irises” with “gold rings around them”. Not sure how else to contact users. Assuming you weren’t making a joke, any liver disease in the family? “Psychiatric disturbances?” Might wanna check out Wilson’s disease before you start your prozac.

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