Obama Pied Piper

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    diabeetus: At least you changed it up a bit.


    And asshat republicans yelling at asshat democrats in five four three…




    *in deep movie voiceover voice*

    McCain went to a prison camp with Vietnamese soldiers who KILLED american troops. When given the chance to leave he chose to stay with his Vietnamese buddies. How much do you really know about John McCain?

    Lol this stuf is hilarious


    thelotuseater725: We have a winner!


    Yeah he looks like he’s enjoyin the hell out of the end of that horn


    From my dump:

    Beyond lies, into the realm of pure stupidityBeyond lies, into the realm of pure stupidity

    Not so much McCain’s campaign, but those who still believe in him.

    Now McCain is suggesting that Obama’s proposed policies, such as raising taxes by 3% on the rich, are socialist.

    Not at all like the US Government’s 700 billion bailout of Wall Street fat fucktards, which isn’t socialist in the least, oh no no no — that’s just welfare for the wealthy, which isn’t at all the same thing.

    After all, socialism is welfare for the poor.

    You see?


    nyokki: Ahaha. Pretty sweet. I’ve never seen that one.


    Puulaahi: Did you read the (more info) on that video. The video poster says there’s an email floating around and part of it says:…
    According to The Book of Revelations the anti-Christ is: The anti-Christ will Be a man, in his 40’s, of MUSLIM descent, who will deceive the nations with Persuasive language, and have a MASSIVE Christ-like appeal….the prophecy says That people will flock to him and he will promise false hope and world peace, And when he is in power, will destroy everything.. Do we recognize this description??

    Really, revelations mentions Muslims? I think there’s prolly at least a 500 year gap there.


    nyokki: All the more reason to trust it.


    casemods: I trusted that the video is real. It’s just when I think I’ve seen the stupidity and gullibility of some people, I am, again, shocked and dismayed that I am still overestimating the intelligence of idiots. How have these people figured out how to breed?


    nyokki: No I didn’t, but that video made me sick to my stomach earlier. I am not surprised that there’s an email floating around with such BS.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if most of the crazies are regular church goers too…Such deeply passionate crazy people that don’t appear to be “Christ Like.”


    All you byaatchen with UIDs less than 1000: You’re a bunch of whiny know-nothing kids, so shaddup and get off the lawn, I just seeded it, you’re gonna leave footprints, ptui.

    BTW, casemods, too bad you missed 666. I wonder who that was. 😉


    Should have been me :\

    Luke Magnifico

    So the republicans just called the American public rats.

    I think they failed Campaigning.


    / \
    ====== SOCIALIST!

    Special Kail

    nyokki: Actually, that’s pretty accurate. Except the part about Muslim descent, as Islam had not come about at the time the new testament was written. It does say the antichrist will humbly unite all nations before becoming egomaniacal and demanding worship, at which point SUPERjesus will return to kill him and start the rapture.

    First of all, fuck the bible. I have issues with people who put lots of stock in a book that most of them haven’t even read all of. And the ones who have read it all STILL haven’t read it all. It’s been retranslated several times and each time they take shit out that they don’t want people to read.

    Secondly, am I the only one who thinks its fucked that its like Jesus started christianity, and millions of people have been butchered in his name, just like Islam. However, it’s the guy that leads to peace all over the world that is supposed to be the bad guy? Maybe Antichrist just means “Opposite Christ” and not “Bad Christ”.


    Does that mean he is bringing socialism to all 57 states of this great nation?

    You know, I wouldn’t mind BHO so much if he didn’t sound like a preacher every time he give a speech, just listen to his rhythm, his swiping gaze over the crowd and the way his volume increases during the course of a speech, it’s a classic religious style used during sermons.

    Also, I think some knuckleheads are confusing the stupid writings of Nostradamus and the insane visions of John, in The Book of Revelations. Please people, it’s bad enough you actually put any faith into these, but to confuse the two just shows how much of a failure you really are.

    So says I, so should say all.

    Malta Soron

    Warren, are you the Warren of s4.travian.com?

    Alec Dalek

    So Diabetus, was it a black guy that stole your first girlfriend? Or do you just listen to too much conservative radio?


    personally, I’m glad this sh!ts almost over…..the way I see it, we are all screwed either way….seriously, these two where the best we could come up with?


    +1 buzz
    I agree with you 100%.


    Reagan/Lincoln 08′!


    Malta Soron:

    Nope. Don’t know who that is. I’m another Warren. (There are apparently several of us. 😉


    We’r screwed either way, yep. Too many problems to fix, Bush f**ked us over bad. I really dun think I want McCain finishing the job for him though.

    nyokki: Don’t think I want a pres who hasn’t tried pot… I said tried, not does.


    I support obama because he has a more socialist attitude actually.

    All the republicans can say is “its greed on wallstreet!”

    wallstreet is the product of capitalism and greed is also a product of capitalism. Socialism gives you the beautiful ability to live a pleasant life WITHOUT selling your soul in the process.


    You have point camusapprentice, everyone knew how pleasant life was in the Soviet Union and is in China.


    KyrusRose: I want a pres that admits if he did, but admits nothing if he didn’t. 😉

    Special Kail: It was the Muslim part that caught my attention. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why some people want to hate, and actively search for reasons to justify their hatred of everyone and everything.


    : the U.S.S.R. and China are/were communist oligarchies. A bit past socialist. Also, making America more socialist is technically a change, just not the change you want.


    Communism =/= Nazis. Do a little research, its not nearly as bad as its made out to be, and socialism isn’t a bad thing, unless you’re making 25 million a year and own 8 houses….. And then you’re making 24 million a year.. oh no………


    I think Gor doesnt have a fucking clue as to what he’s talking about…he’s just spewing the shite he has picked up from the “liberal” (LOL) media.


    what’s wrong with Socialism?

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