Obama Bucks

oh man, the story behind this is HILARIOUS.

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    Wow. Just…wow.

    tiki god

    ohmybob: oh just wait until you hear the racist republican apologists jump in on this.


    America has come a long way…


    obama bucks=wrong

    obama sucks=correct

    Special Kail

    I like the way it says “the story behind this is hilarious!” as if it takes a genius to decipher FRIED CHICKEN AND WATERMELON!!! mmm gimme that apple drink!

    Alec Dalek

    I know you’re all afraid of a white president, but it’s okay, he is half-black you know.


    The real racist activities was the recent DNC decision to remove standard foods that have been served at state level Democrat pick nicks and fairs for over a 100 years (fried chicken and watermelons). That’s political correctness going a muck (true story).


    I think this was shopped… I know, I’ve seen a few of them before


    i’d like to believe you but I’m looking very closely at the pixels


    I think if you look real hard you might be able to tell by the pixels.


    Yes, cause racism is always hilarious….douche bags (if the shoe fits…)


    Okay, if the story behind it is hilarious, what is the story behind it?

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