Cap Movie

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The last one kind of gives it away that it’s a fan film.

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    The Red Skull, seen in the last photo, is a hoot!


    High production value. Lots of money went into this film.



    tiki god

    @Pants: yes. where did these come from? can I send them money? Can I view their video?


    That last pic looks terrible. What is up with the mannequins?


    Nazis were gay?


    Sorry man but a *really good* shield as a weapon/superpower just isn’t really that compelling.

    I mean Nazis were really assholes and fuck those guys but ultimately a shield isn’t going to take down the third reich


    Don’t tell me that’s supposed to be Red Skull. It looks more like Big Red Mosquito Head.


    Fan Film yes, but it would be awesome (and I think there doing it) for the story to follow the original story and take place in WWII. Real gritty feel. Thank god the don’t have Will Smith playing Steve Rogers. Besides having a black actor play him would screw up an old arc story line in the What-If series. Where Negros could not be injected with the Super Soldier Serum because of the sickle cell anomaly. Which later is found out to be bogus. Great Story. I hope this movie lives up to the hype and has the Saving Pvt… Read more »


    looks great until the last two bring out the camp.


    Oh, that is gonna be good…


    Y’know, just from the still pics (until the one at the end), these could be real production shots. I can’t imagine Hollywood execs okaying a Cap movie that had his costume, but if that was his “initial” how-he-met-Bucky costume, and then moved on to something more superhero for the rest of the film.


    @WistfulD: Meh. He doesn’t need to be a superhero in WWII. He could easily start out as a ‘super’ soldier, deployed alongside other soldiers. Doesn’t have to dress like classic Cap in every instance.