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flintstones-car.jpg (23 KB)

Yep. Mah whip. Awesome huh? And since I know you all gotta be like me, I’ma show you how to get one.

check it:

Kid’s Hack – How to Make a Children’s Flintstone Car!

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    NICE! What kinda mileage you get? Bet you’re pulling tons of chicks with that thing… or maybe they have to pull you? … get it. PULL YOU… cause you don’t have a… ah, forget it!


    Haha awesome.
    We had one like that in kindergarten. Only bigger.
    They made it out of tree branches, I uploaded a picture I still have-

    Pretty badass I know. I’m the dark one.


    wow…. do you ever get road head in this?


    Small world… I know the guy that made this… The internet… is there anything it can’t do?


    dieAntagonista: i’m guessing the girl wearing the dress with the pink stripes in your link is you. and that’s your little brother on the tricycle, right?

    you can totally see your cooter in teh picture


    “zedomax… -z +p = PEDOMAX!


    natedog: Yup I’m pink.You think that kid is my brother only because he’s got a fro, am I right?! Haha, nah I’m an only child.

    Pfft, you can’t see shit, I’m totally wearing underwear.

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