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The Most Badassest president EVER!

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    poaching is so cool.


    Back then it wasn’t poaching, it was just hunting. But we’re running out of elephants now-


    I disagree- Putin could eat TR for breakfast


    tr was soo cool he transcended the need to capialize his name or initals..




    Putin wouldn’t know what to do with TR. Yes, Putin is a badass, but TR was a combat leader as well as a very intelligent man. Regardless, it would be a bad-ass fight, IMO. Both of them in their prime…it would be an epic fight. And as for the animal cruelty thing, over half the wildlife preserves and conservation laws were enacted by that man. There was no greater champion, IMO, for the wilderness. And he was our last GREAT, HONEST president, as well. After him each one was a side-show…even his cousin FDR who was a great president in… Read more »


    Show a member of PETA that picture and I’ll guarantee they’ll go nuts.

    Crazies to the left of me.
    Wimps to the right of me.


    And elderly Andrew Jackson beat the living fuck out of a would-be assassin.


    @diabeetus Of course they will… PETA people are just like all the rest of the “Cause Groups” (See movie PCU). They go from cause to cause like sheep because it make them feel important. Now I don’t support the hunting of underpopulated large game.. or any game to just kill it… If you hunt it and kill it… Use it all.. and many do. The notion that PETA wants everyone to stop eating meat is a childish, shortsighted and sheltered view of the world. I say… people need to respond to them. So to all those Inuit Eskimos out there…… Read more »


    Fuck andrew jackson


    Fuck PETA

    They’ve taken what was truly a movement about the cruelty and greed of the meat and textile (I’m not thinking of the right word here) industries and perverted it into something that gives them the right to put animals down in their vans. What the fuck, PETA, what the fuck?


    Was he a member of the Super Adventure Club?


    It would be an epic fight?

    You best be trollin’.


    I want to be a member of The Super Adventure Club!!!


    Hey! I’m a member of PETA. People for The Eating of Tasty Animals. Oh you mean the Other PETA.They can go strip down and protest all they like, more meat for the rest of us. As for Teddy on Oct 14 1912 at a Milwaukee campaign stop he took a bullet in the chest from a would be assassin and still carried on with his scheduled speech.(source: Associated Press; this day in history) Lets see ANY modern politico that.
    : I think he was a founding member


    Yeah, I think it would. You got the mad, KGB/mall-ninja skills of putin VS an American that had no real fear of any person. Putin would fight dirty but he would lose. Just my thoughts on what Excelsior said, not trolling. Of course, Excelsior might have been speaking facetiously, though. I am not sure.


    I vote that all Chuck Norris jokes be changed to Teddy Roosevelt jokes.

    The man was shot by a would-be assassin before he was scheduled to give a speech… when he saw the wound wasn’t fatal, he just gave the goddamn speech (an hour long) anyway, THEN got treatment.


    The real papa bear,


    Pretty much any wild-park-camping on the whole west coast of USA was because of this dude. you can’t visit a state park anywhere in Cali. without seeing his name. him and John Muir. I think John Muir is a good fight for Putin. But not TR. He would stomp him.