“My Boyfriend is Out of Town”

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    Luke Magnifico

    But is his penis more satisfying than mine.

    Special Kail

    Man, this is bullshit. She should be charged with false advertising. Fifty bucks says that she tries to rope you into a relationship and shit. She probably doesn’t even have a boyfriend because she’s a lunatic.

    Brevity Truta

    Haha yeah it is a bit like the female version of the axe hitch-hiker.


    @Special Kail: Brilliant, Funny, and true. Women=Crazy.


    What a whore


    @Special Kail: Thank you, you just made my day a little brighter.


    another whore looking for a free meal. been there- done that.


    all that is missing is a shot of her bio hazard tramp stamp. Hot, but I’d just as rather play hopscotch with a rattlesnake.

    Elevator Jellyfish

    looks like he he took her tits with him