Shit Fountain

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    Here is the font from which obamas entire political philosophy comes from.


    That’s some nice shit

    tiki god

    Nimbo: I think your mistaking “obamas entire political philosophy” with your own breakfast.


    : yep, I’d be proud of that one.


    Nimbo: TROLL
    Leave the shit out of this, it has done nothing to harm you! poor shit, …all alone, one to defend it.. ..shame on you!


    I was unaware that feces needed defending, the FADL, or Feces Anti-Defamation League, fully vetted my comment. Indeed Obama’s views are constructed entirely from bovine bowel movements.

    It is also worth noting that most of McCains platform is made of moldy knock off metamucil made in Sarjevo sometime in the late 60’s.

    purple banana

    It weighs 14 Courics!

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