Godzilla vs Titanic

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    Oh no! They say he’s got to go….


    Not true! Everyone knows Godzirah was in the Pacific not the Atrantic.


    We need a bigger boat.


    Now we have Godzilla to blame for that abortion of a movie about that giant boat that sank and Di”crap”io danced and died in … what was it called?


    Firstly, I’d like to thank you for putting “crap” in quotation marks otherwise the pun might have gone right over my head.


    This goes in my “Keep” file.


    @BowToMe: You’re an idiot. Dicaprio is an amazing actor, and that was an exceedingly well made film. Yeah, it was sappy and over the top- the story was cheesy. But to call a movie that successful, in both merit awards and at the box office, an abortion(?!) means that I have to repeat myself: you’re an idiot.

    ps: you just hated dicaprio ’cause all the girls went retarded over him when the movie came out- The Aviator and The Departed, i think pretty much lock him in as an great actor, and those are just two notable examples.


    Ok, no matter how good an actor he is (i really don’t have an opinion on that) as soon as his baby face starts looking worn he will get less and less movie parts and then die and not be found for a week like Benny Hill. Look how the women used to chase that guy around by the way.

    Women think he’s man meat and that’s why he sells tickets they are perverts and would rape him. Just shameful.

    Doctor Thompson

    @elzarcothepale: BowToMe has just used BAD PUN on on an actor you like. It’s SUPER EFFECTIVE! ELZARCOTHEPALE’s turn. ELZARCOTHEPALE is sad. ELZARCOTHEPALE used WHINE LIKE A BITCH. It’s not very effective…


    Nothing wrong with Leo. Departed & Gilbert Grape were two examples of how great he can be.

    Let’s not kid ourselves, though. Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride sucked. There were scenes so heavy with cheese that I could simply not stomach them.

    Just because you win an award doesn’t mean your movie didn’t suck.


    you see, elzarcothepale, there’s this thing called personal taste. Everyone’s is different and relative to their experience.
    For example; I could say that I think your screen name sounds like some kind of syphillitic gay albino magician of some sort, but that would just be based upon my personal opinions. Others may feel different, though based on your sand in the vagina rant about your screen crush dicapcap I think the general opinion on you here has pretty much been set.


    @suicydking: I don’t even like the movie – doesn’t mean I can’t understand that from a production level it was a well made movie. “Dude Where’s My Car” isn’t “good” or “well made” by most stretches of the imagination, but I’ve watched it 6 times or so. I know what you mean, though- the cheese in “Titanic” was ridiculous. @ garbled: I’m a big fan of that personal and relative experience- however, that doesn’t mean that you get to segregate yourself from the opinions you put forth based on that personal and relative experience. BTM’s statement that Titanic was a… Read more »


    @Doctor Thompson: damn, i forgot about Doc! good burn- but that was about as much of a whine as it was a rant


    A lizard and a retard…
    i say good movie.


    Jesus fucking Christ that’s an essay and a half. It’s just a fucking movie. And it blows.


    Haha. I have never seen “Titanic.” I win.


    eltardo: Thanks for your well thought out reply. Only a couple points I’d like to refute. 1) My whole point, (which I guess you missed), was that people are going to have INDIVIDUAL opinions about the movie in question, regardless of box office, awards, DVD sales, etc. 2) Just because the masses like something sappy, full of pap, overly cheesy, faux romantic and overacted with, admittedly, a very pretty, (yet mostly CG), background, sets, costumes, doesn’t make it truly good, just popular. To prove my point I submit exhibit A – Nascar, blue man group, Celine Dion, Reality TV, soap… Read more »


    “Nascar, blue man group, Celine Dion, Reality TV, soap operas, Oprah, Christianity, etc, etc…”

    Fuck you’re a snob


    @garbledxmission: relatively retort: on point 2) i agree, but how else do you determine the quality of something that bases success on popularity? If you don’t go off industry standards, the word “good” is just up for grabs. There is no Department of Movie Weights and Measures. This means that we have to base a quality judgment (not a personal opinion) on a combination of artistic merit (also fuzzy- usually agreed to be best assessed by peers, experts and critics) and financial success. NASCAR, Oprah, Christianity, etc. . . are all very good at what they do- ridiculously so. You… Read more »


    @ garble & elzarco



    /fail x2.

    Each one of you, -1 cool point for arguing on interwebz.


    To minty:
    Ultimate fail to you for still doing that retarded, lame-assed internet pointing shit.


    also to minty:
    Do you think it’s likely that two people bickering on the net give two shits about cool points?

    Also, your impression leaves a lot of imagination and subtlety to be desired. Unless, of course, that was just an oddly capitalized statement addressed to us. Either way, you really ought to leave the discussing to those who posses the wherewithal to participate.


    Yeah, what he said.