Wildfire, Big Sur, California, 2000

wildfire-burns-lanting-697719-xl.jpg (341 KB)

A wildfire encroaches on a tree in California’s still wild Big Sur. Strict zoning laws and a limited water supply ensure that the area has not become overly populated, and nature, too, has done her part to keep developers away: In 1997 a fire raged in the Santa Lucia Range for three weeks. Big Sur naturalist John Smiley calls the wildfires simply “another type of weather.”


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    This might sound messed up, but it looks pretty.
    And I never heard of wildfires being in the climate category. Couldn’t it be that they just haven’t figured out what the cause is?
    I mean how would they know for sure.
    But yea, I guess mister Smiley knows what he’s talking about.

    purple banana

    Wildfire ecology is a natural part of California’s ecosystem (as with several grassland-based ecosystems) although sometimes they can get a bit out of control. I saw some cool fires in the Cascade mountains in Washington a few years ago; they were coming down the side of the mountain (non threatening, though) it was still pretty cool.


    nyokki- you post some really cool stuff. thanks.

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