The Life of Man

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    Something sexist against men on MCS?

    I thought I would never see the day. . .


    my pics arent showing up i submit them but they dont even show up


    This right here is some basic fundamental philosophy. Pretty much all male conceptualization is a tangent thread from this core idea. Women on the other hand think in a 5dimensional pattern that leaves men in a state of panic they can’t help but rationalize with smaller numbers and old sad “Grey’s” facts.

    Todays woman: A quasi-invisible goddess more powerful than you can imagine, playing in a world so dumb she is forced to fight that headachebattle of simplification for the sake of grammar and ontology.

    Alec Dalek

    Now that’s got to be the biggest load of bullshit I’ve read in a LONG time. If men are so dumb, then how did we manage to come up with 99% of the worlds inventions over the centuries, while women were too busy running away from spiders and destroying each others self esteem



    Not the best troll, but it’ll probably catch some people.

    At 26 I can say that not only has the sex thought been sufficiently diminished (Damn it woman, I’m not a machine!) but that the toilette thought is appearing more and more. I guess that means I’m going to live to be, what, 30? Fuck.



    Ah, the first one to fall for the troll.

    Alec Dalek

    Oh I knew it was a troll. So I trolled back with a reality check. Women hate that shit.




    Alec Dalek

    I was also thinking, if you swap the “money” and “sex” around, you have “The Life of Women”. Stop staring at your boobs? Stop staring at my wallet.


    Once again, throwing my two cents in. For my summer job I worked at a personal care home. It’s more like “Toilet sex toilet sex toilet”.

    And this is from both the men and the women.


    You’re right. My sister worked at an old folks home, and she said they get it on ALL THE TIME.


    Alec Dalek

    Since when did Paul_Is_Drunk become the moderator? Let’s see him actually come up with an original comment, rather than pick apart everyone else’s. It’s so easy to criticize…


    @Alec Dalek

    I just keep checking up to see who fell for the troll. It’s an old 4chan habit. Unfortunately, it was only you, thus denying me much, if any, entertainment.

    Also, I agreed with JazzyJazzyJazzHands, so I let him know that.

    Not that it’ll affect your obviously reactionary attitude towards people online, but this (the internet) is not a real place. What you do here won’t make a real difference in your life away from your computer. I would actually prefer if this place allowed anonymous posting to defer the attitude of treating the internet like a real place.


    sylvanish, I don’t know if you were being serious or not but you’re my new internet hero.


    That’s funny.. because it’s true


    The reason Sexism towards men isn’t prevalent? Because its too easy, and men don’t care. We are simple animals, and we like it that way. I’m near thirty, and I still haven’t replaced my sex drive with financial worries, does that mean i will live longer than most?


    yah okay, I apologize, that was rather trollish. I was in a bad mood. I meant more about the idea that sex and toilet are two concepts at the root of much human philosophy. A troll-demon possessed me and ruined my comment.


    Unrealistic.There is no divorce or IRS included.


    Now ya just blew it sylvanish, thus proving your point about stupid silly man people.