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Easily avoided by a punch to the sarcophagus.

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    Alec Dalek

    The internet is really running out of material. What some 14 year-old typed on 4Chan does not a Meme make. Meme’s are funny, this is not. Now “North Korea Is Best Korea”, that’s funny.


    no one asked you if it was funny


    I highly doubt anyone with half a brain classifies this as a meme, and secondly, if “North Korea Is Best Korea” is your idea of funny, I’ll gladly take what the 14 year old typed on 4Chan.


    Oh god… I lol’d so hard.
    14 year old 4Channers are the best!


    I lul’d pretty damn hard hard at this and was glad to have read it.

    And come on ‘THEN WHO WAS PHONE’ is the best meme since goddamn tacgnol.

    Bah. User generated memes will always be better than ‘repeat joke from movie/tv show ad infinitum’ memes. Why? Because every jerkoff in the world goes ‘sexy time’ but you only will ever hear about sarcophagus punch occasionally on the intarweb.


    I lol’d too. this was great.


    Just because its posted on or about 4chan, doesn’t mean its parading as a Meme. It could just be a joke. Remember the simple times, when you could read those, and laugh? AlecDalek is so focused on being a buzzkill that he no longer has a grasp of simple humor. We should all cry for him.