Typical Commenting Style in Recent MCS Posts

bloody_hell.jpg (120 KB)

Sound familiar to anyone here?

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    Ok, MOM!


    Hahaha, awesome!


    LOL, Well, at least it’s all taken care of in the pic, so we don’t have to go through it all in paragraph after paragraph of comments… ROFLMAO…


    I love it!


    well in the war of generalizations, no i never thought australians rode Kangaroos, [though they do eat them]
    and as for americans, they are okay as a people, and its just bush and crew in the white house that need swastika armbands if it wasnt for what nation actually controls them in the first place

    elect a real american who isnt a puppet and see how the american empire rises in power


    I spent a good deal of time in Canada’s court talking to our King about just such abstractions today. We should really implement a system of delegates that could be sent to all these other nations and inform them of customs and traditions.

    But then we realized they all got FOX on cable so…..



    So not any current individual above (often including) the city level of politics?

    Fox / MSNBC (depending on your view) won’t let them.


    I don’t care for any of this stereotype bullshit. I just want to fuck a hot Australian woman and celebrate human diversity.


    Will she take you in and make you breakfast?


    No, I’d make her breakfast afterwords. lol


    Does she use Vaseline?

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