An American Carol

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    I want this movie to be funny, but it probably won’t be.

    Alec Dalek

    Looks like the sort of thing that people with no real ideas would up with. I’ll pass.


    From the people that brought you eXpelled.
    I’ve seen funnier things in a burns ward.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    That’s a real movie trailer.


    “I’ve seen funnier things in a burns ward.”
    Well, yeah, but what’s funnier than a clown in a burn ward?


    The point seems to be he’s unpatriotic. How is he unpatriotic? Is criticism unpatriotic?


    This will be about as entertaining and mentally stimulating as a Michael Moore movie.


    Whaa! Whaa! Someone’s making fun of Michael Moore! They’re meeeeean! ;_;


    Looks painfully unfunny, even for a satire. Plus Bill O’reilly is more of a tool than Michael Moore will every be.


    A clown on fire in a burns ward?


    Michael Moore would be more effective if he could just resist the urge to be a total cunt. About 2/3rds of his movies are powerful and moving, but are totally ruined by him being a total cunt in the other 1/3rd.


    I hate Michael Moore. I think he’s a typical modern American and the criticism that he lives it up and rakes in dollars while whining about the poor is perfectly valid.

    But leave General Patton out of this.

    Do you know who wrote all those international laws that made the French say you couldn’t invade Iraq? General Patton, General Eisenhower, and a bunch of other American military men, many of whom – like Eisenhower – would go on to be prominent republicans.

    For all that bitching about France and the UN, it was your Republican International Laws your were breaking by going into Iraq.

    Patton must be spinning in his fucking grave. He would see you people as no different from the Japanese he fought.


    Who, was it, by the by, who oversaw the Tribunal in Tokyo that defined the very concept of ‘aggression’ that America threw out? MacArthur. Those laws were created from preventing Japanese fascism/one party democracy from every happening again.

    The Republicans now are nothing like the Republicans who saved the world in WWII. They would be disgusted with what you’ve become.


    Since nobody has apparently noticed, that’s not Michael Moore.


    Click on the link, FlyingMantisShrip, underneath the image.


    Caio- Patton never fought the japanese.


    I did, I was just under the impression that other people hadn’t and they thought that this really was Michael Moore. Guess I was wrong.


    Excelsior: he ordered the interception of a planned Japanese attack on Mexico. You think he spent the whole war in Africa and Italy? You think the top generals did not consult each other and coordinate?

    But I mostly said Japan to avoid Godwin’s law.


    This is not by the people who created eXpelled. It’s from David Zucker, of Airplane! fame.


    Egad, this movie is gonna be a shit sandwich and only Dane Cook fans will laugh at it.

    Disclaimer: Dane Cook fans will laugh at a bowl of Cheerios. Their collective sense of humor was installed backwards, they only laugh at unfunny things.


    I meant republicans.

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