Mini Snowmen

IM000037.JPG (802 KB)

why make one big snowman when you can make tons of tiny ones?

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    Too bad I sold my squirrel army, we could have had some fun.


    Voted “1.”

    You told me you would piss on my grave. Automatic -4 points.



    Voted 1? Automatic -4? WTF is this now, ytmnd?


    Now, which one to pee on?


    suicyking –
    thatonejimguy is my cousin. He lives down the road from me. He was all hyped up because his submissions finally got posted on myconfinedspace. He takes it all personal if people don’t like his artz.


    My bad. In that case, go right ahead. 🙂


    Tell the little bastard if he’s going to flip out every time someone critique his art he’s not going to last long as an artist. BTW, Calvin did the whole groups of little snowmen thing YEARS ago. If he’s going to make art, tell him to stop ripping off other artists.


    Didn’t Thomas Kincade popularise stills of snow covered countryside? Well except he painted them.


    if by “popularise”, you mean “sold shitty, uninspired mediocre prints for too much money to trailer trash in malls across America”, then yes, he did. And made a fuckload of money doing it.


    No. I was talking about the real paintings in his gallery downtown. I wasn’t referring to the ripoff re-prints your mother has in her trailer.


    Just because it is banal and mass produced doesn’t mean they won’t put it in a gallery.
    If it’s HIS gallery, it just means he’s made enough money off the prints to rent out a larger space to sell the originals to blue collar people with more money than brains. The fact that you seem so taken with his art shows just how uneducated you are on the subject. I feel sorry for you.

    Plus, I seem to have struck a nerve. Does YOUR mother happen to have his work hanging in her double wide?

    P.S. You know he pays young artists to reproduce his paintings en mass so he can sell so many of them across the country right?


    Is Thomas Kincaid the one that adds real lights (to be plugged in) to his art? If so, my friend’s mom has one in her dining room. I’m not gonna tell her what I really think of it, since I get a free 2+ week vacation every other year to Florida from her.



    You have not struck a nerve. The mere fact that you prance around the internet simply to make your self feel better, to marvel at your own words as you insult people you don’t know, only displays how pathetic and insignificant your existance is. Every time you waste an hour of your life to google a reply to my post, so that you can imagine that you are superior to me, does nothing but underscore your lack of self confidence. You are incapable of an intellegent thought of your own. You simply roam around and poke fun at others who do have the capacity for abstract thought. So, if you are in so desperate need of someone to hate, hate me. I know you only wish you were me.


    You are a funny little man. You claim i don’t strike a nerve yet have your little tantrums whenever I post anything about you. BTW, i didn’t google shit. I have this thing called a brain. I use it to absorb, retain, and regurgitate information as needed. Unlike yourself, I have experience and knowledge gained from travel, education, and observation. I don’t require a box to tell me what I should know, or to entertain me constantly. The box is a useful tool occasionally, but only that, occasionally. Did it occur to your puny, childish little mind that I might have learned about Kincaid and his mediocre art from another source other than the internet? No. Because you, like most people in your generation, are plugged in 24 7 and can’t comprehend a not electronic source of info. I don’t hate you, I pity you and the abyss of ignorance you and those like you choose to not only wallow in, but seem to be proud of.
    I’m fucking thrilled I’m not you, I would have offed myself years ago if I was you. Get over your pathetic self deluded existance and try, just try to grow a little as a human instead of some sort of electrozombie.


    Wow. *cracks open the midol*

    Here you two. Take 1 and call me in the morning.


    Heh, midol.

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