Dubai in the fog

burj-dubai-fog-picture1.jpg (336 KB)

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    We get fog like that here in Central California.


    wait….you can actually see fog through all the smog you guys have there?


    All the smog is in Southern California. California is a large state.

    Karatesaurus Rex

    Central valley’s got it’s fair share of smog, but the fog is insane at times. I’ve had Londoners complain about the fog in Fresno….


    It’s The Jetsons!



    Snarky Parker

    Dubai is looking more like a resort city to me. I also think that this city will have the widest gap between the rich and poor.


    It’s not just central CA that gets that sort of fog. Pretty much anywhere north of the GG Bridge gets some hard core fog too and once you’re north of SF, you don’t really see any smog… just cows… lots of cows… oh, and grapes.


    Central Cali, Northern Cali = same thing as far as lifestyle and culture goes. Oregon gets a lot of fog too on the coast.


    “Central Cali, Northern Cali = same thing as far as lifestyle and culture goes. Oregon gets a lot of fog too on the coast.”

    What planet are you from?


    Oh and while we’re naming states on the West Coast that get fog… let’s not forget Washington.


    Um Earth.

    Don’t forget British Columbia too.:)


    Oh shit, I forgot about Alaska!

    As far as California goes …

    Lifestyles and culture are not the same between northern california and central california. They aren’t even the same between northern california and the bay area. They don’t even have the same accent.

    I think large chunks of Central California have more in common with Texas than with Northern California. That is where the majority of the CA republicans seem to reside.

    I’m going to guess that you are not from either area, that or don’t get out much (and if you live in Silicon Valley that’s totally understandable).


    I live in a surf town on the Monterey Bay. Compared to Southern California, Nor Cal and Central Cal are very similar. Very laid back, reserved and definitely not into the “LA lifestyle” of being a rich plastic snob.(of course there are exceptions).

    I live on the coast and thrive in surf culture. Heck, I was practically born into it. So accents/lingo change rapidly for me. Working retail I have learned to notice where people are from simply by how they dress and speak. We live in a diverse country so accents range in any state.

    I think most of the republicans in Cali reside inland as apposed to ranging from Nor Cal and Central Cal. But Cali is pretty diverse as far as that goes too. Of course our liberal towns and cites get most of the attention.

    The only thing California has in common with Texas is the fact that we both have Rodeos.


    First we have the Death Star, and now we see Cloud City… Next thing yo know, someone will post a pic of something that looks suspiciously like Tatooine…


    I have never really considered the central coastal part of California to be “central California”. When people say central California, I think Frenso not Monterey Bay. When people are talking about Monterey or SLO, they either refer to the coast or the city name specifically. Maybe it’s different for people who live there. Dunno.

    I’ve lived here my whole life and you’re telling me something that conflicts so now I’m going to have to bug people and see what they think.


    Perhaps it’s a Coastal thing. I dunno. Lots of layers going on too. Who knows?? *Shrugs


    Generally speaking, I think coastal areas tend to differ from inland areas. I know that’s true in CA. Just look at the differences between San Jose and Santa Cruz and they’re 30 minutes from each other.

    I posted an inquiry about what is considered central CA and people answered the same as I did. They saw where you live to be central coast. But really, any area that is seen as a “surfing town” can’t really be compared with farming/logging areas because life style simply differs and that’s what a large part of what Northern California is. There aren’t really that many surfing areas or even large-ish towns once you get north of SF which is where Northern California really starts (just ignore Marin).

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