Batmobile Extravaganza

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I couldn’t find one of Batman Forever’s, but it’s the crappiest-looking one of the bunch, no loss there.

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    “I’ve got to get me one of those. ”

    The last one.


    The last is positively the most badass.


    #2 ftw.


    Batman/ Batman Returns era > Batman Begins/ TDK era > Adam West era > Fucking Gay Batman era

    In terms of Batmobiles


    comment image


    that second one was my favorite car for the longest time. I still have the matchbox car of that exact batmobile.

    I have to agree though, the one from the latest batman movies is the epitomy of “badass motha’.”


    Hey Look! It comes in bLack!


    all i can say is thank you chris nolan for saving batman from camp hell.

    Luke Magnifico

    I always thought that having a really stylish car was very unBatman.

    The last is therefore the best Batmobile.

    But the second one down is the most stylish.


    Halloween 1991, I was on the freeway between Garden Grove and Long Beach and saw a smaller version of the second… plate was “BATMO2.” Street legal I guess. It was awesome.


    I thought Batman was rich? The last one looks like a half-mad junkyard owner welded random bits of scrap metal to an old pickup frame. And all those random angles and bits of metal sticking out would be hell on aerodynamics.


    The first Tim Burton Batman movie Batmobile was definitely the coolest, and the Tumbler is uncontestably the most wicked batmobile evar…

    The first was a victim of it’s times… The others…
    Well obviously someone was smokin’ crack…


    Couldn’t get a picture of the third one that didn’t feel like cataracts?