Microsoft Ad – this is the enemy

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    Luke Magnifico

    Except no


    Well, considering it’s the hand doing the knifing that has the swastika on it, this poster is either a clever satire or fails miserably. Since the original was probably a “Nazi hand shanks planet” poster, I’m leaning toward the dismal failure option.


    Or it could be saying Microsoft are Nazis.

    Either way, I like Chrome. When it gets plug-ins or add-ons or whatever they’ll be called, it will pwn. At the moment, I miss my add-ons that I have on FF, but I still love Chrome. <3


    Maybe it’s the regular user like me that hates Mozilla Firefox.


    Those who use IE are just dumb n00bs.

    bright green

    You’re all wrong. Safari is where its at.

    Luke Magnifico

    IE is terrible.

    Safari is nice.

    Mozilla is nicer.

    And when Chrome gets a decent amount of addons, I think it will be the nicest.

    Opera doesn’t even count.


    @Ben, Luke: I am praying for add-on day. Every time I use a browser now all I can think is “gee, firefox sure is nice… but it could be so much faster.”

    Man, usually google is good at giving the people what they need and quickly. They’re really humping the dog on this one.


    Bright green, you’re wrong.

    I am a HUEG Macfag, so I would normally agree, but since Firefox has a fuckload of add-ons so you can customize it be exactly how you want it, and Chrome will do in the future, they are both way better.

    But… Safari > Default Firefox with no add-ons.


    1] Microsfot could never be nazi, Nazi are anti-capitalism and Bill Gates lives for the almighty $$$

    2] when comparing IE with Firefox, IE is slower than a one-legged turtle with arthritis, Firefox is the way to go


    Nazis weren’t anti-capitalism, Hitler got most of his financial support from big industry who then made huge fortunes supplying the Nazi war machine. He was the founder of Volkswagen and worked with Ferdinand Porsche to design both the car and the factory that built it. Hitler loved Capitalism.


    Nazis are pro-corporate capitalism and built up some of the largest German corporations extant today by handing them development/military contracts. In fact, the entire Nazi state/economic revitalization of Germany was achieved by something similar the lowest-bidder system. Actual development was purely in private hands and done by maximizing profit at the lowest price of production.

    True that isn’t really in line with classic Adam-Smith-Capitalism but it is for all intents and purposes identical with modern capitalism.

    purple banana

    I just officially switched from IE to Firefox this year after many years of defense for IE (I think simply because I was used to using it all the time) and I will NEVER go back. FF is my new buddy now 🙂

    Luke Magnifico



    That is what I meant.

    Because that is what the conversation is about.


    Firefox is okay. Safari sucks. What is IE?

    Oh, and once again, Caio is right! The National Socialists in Germany were, despite their name, capitalists, although not pure capitalists because they were, after all, totalitarians. But they surely were for money, money, money and they went for it. And we ourselves are not for pure so-called ‘free market’ or we wouldn’t be bailing out the mortgage industry to the tune of $700 billion.


    When it comes to Race, Warmongering, Holocaust, the Nazis were the definition of pure evil.

    When it comes to the economy, they were brilliant; brilliant at keeping the market just free enough to work but not too free that they weren’t still in control. That’s how they paid for it all.

    In the early thirties when Germany was still poor, a lot of Germans complained about the Eugenics programme targeting Jews and Gypsies. In the late thirties, when Germany was rich, no one complained.



    I just want to display webpages. I don’t want a bunch of useless gay eye candy. I use IE because it works, I don’t use FF because I don’t need it.


    I would not wish IE on anybody. Only my worst enemy.

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