Obama 2008

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That’s how it pretty much is like…

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    That’s dumb, Obama hates guns.

    Billy Manic

    Wow, I would’ve expected 40 posts of political angst by now.


    Not true.

    Obama is a Constitutional Law scholar. As such, he respects the rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.

    Know as much as you think you know about Obama you do not.
    / Yoda

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Barack Obama says that Americans cling to GUNS and RELIGION because they are AWESOME.


    ” As president, Barack Obama would repeal the Tiahrt Amendment, which restricts the ability of local law enforcement to access important gun trace information, and give police officers across the nation the tools they need to solve gun crimes and fight the illegal arms trade. Obama and Biden also favor commonsense measures that respect the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, while keeping guns away from children and from criminals who shouldn’t have them. They support closing the gun show loophole and making guns in this country childproof. They also support making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent, as such weapons belong on foreign battlefields and not on our streets.”

    Unless you’re a nutjob who thinks that a convicted rapist needs like 100 machineguns, then I don’t think you need to worry about Obama.

    As for religion it’s in big PDF files but here you go dudes:



    What about the fact that I would like to own assault weapons just because they’re fucking cool and it would be awesome to shoot them at a range or club? Huh? Whats wrong with that? I have NO criminal record, so I should be allowed to do just that. I would also hope any already in production guns would be exempt from the “make all guns child proof” point too, because that’s just fucking impossible.

    I do however support closing loopholes for criminals to get guns, and keeping them away from those who shouldn’t have them. I wouldn’t mind waiting for a something like even up to month-long background check before getting one, I have nothing to hide.

    Basically IMO, banning guns = fuck no, doing better background checks/closing loopholes = yay!


    Why the fuck are you asking me? I’m just copying and pasting something from a website.

    And I don’t want you having assault weapons because for all I know you’re on the slide and I know for sure that you’re a retard. I don’t want some petty fucking thief pointing a fully automatic weapon at me because you’re careless.

    As much as you think you’re a Mifune in Stray Dog, to me you’re a dumbass metalhead.

    Your right to be “cool” stops where my right to safety in my own home ends. If you want a gun to protect your home and hunt, god bless you because I do too. If you want to potentially endanger me because you think you’re in a fucking movie, then fuck you, cunt.


    Hey douchebags.
    Very few criminals use assault rifles in the commission of their crimes, let alone ones legally owned.

    The second amendment is less about deer hunting and more about keeping .gov in line. Though deer and other critters are mighty tasty.

    I find it funny when a politician uses the words “common sense”. People with it, don’t become politicians normally.


    It’s apparent to me that the U.S. gov’t is being kept in line by all those well armed militias we’ve got. Otherwise they’d be able to lie, cheat, steal and would try to…wait a minute!


    Yeah, right, I’d like to see you take your AK out on Uncle Sam. Considering the Gun Show types are the same ones who’ve been carefully bread to buy every fucking word the Republicans say, no matter how dislogical or contradictory to last week’s propaganda.

    But seriously walk into that government office with your militia and see how far that gets you.

    tiki god

    but but, I own a AK!

    I love my gun. it’s very pretty, and I sleep with it near my bed.

    I like the way it smells.


    Now show McCain praying to Raptor Jesus.


    Ciao, you’re a fucking retard. It’s not my ‘right to be “cool” ‘ that causes your ‘right to safety in my own home ends’, it’s your own fuckign pussy ass, lame tard excuse for a backbone. We have guns because we want them. Just try taking them away from me. The government can’t, you can’t, and a burglar sure as hells isn’t going to be taking away my guns, especially when said gun is in my hands, pointed straight at dumbass burglars head. If you’re just so much wasted cum that you can’t stand up for yourself, then you DESERVE someone to come into your house with a gun and end your miserable existence.


    Go tell the Branch Davidians that the government can’t take their guns away from them.

    Oh wait- they’re dead…

    …and they don’t have their guns anymore.


    @PartyTime. Yes, they can easily take your guns away from you. Because they will ALWAYS have bigger guns. As for the burglar scenario, most shootings in the home occur from 1 of 3 things:
    1) Your kid gets into your guns and shoots themselves, you, or someone else.
    2) You think someone is breaking in and shoot your kid, spouse, whatever because in the dark you mistake them for a burglar.
    3) The burglar shoots you with your own gun.

    Now please respond with the obligatory rant about how safe, trained, reponsible, etc you are with your firearms and that would never happen, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda.


    hahahah Lordpartytime you gunna fight the guvment with yo guns?

    Hahahaha you better not pussy out like those Ruby ridge guys. He’s like a redneck motivational speaker now and hasn’t owned a gun in years. Fight the power indeed.


    Oh yeah and his son and wife got shot when he was trying to stop THE MAN from taking his guns away. So there goes family safety out the window. Turns out if you have ten uzis for every family member you’re just a screaming target.


    It does come down to responsibility and safety. I had my own gun before i had a pocket knife, as a child, and I still havent shot myself 15 years later. Nor have I shot anyone else, on purpose or on accident. It is a great deterrent and a fun, reliable tool. Guns are not the problem, guns were never the problem and guns will never be the problem. As for your shootings in the home statistics: bollocks. Link something or it is useless crap.

    And no, the government cannot take my guns. The moment I die, they cease to be mine, so i’ll always be in posession of them. If the government becomes so corrupt as to attempt to restrict my rights as a gun owner, then that becomes the moment that I will gladly shoot back.

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