Oh No!

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    Oh Yes! Why do I never get to witness these things happen?


    Because they dont?

    Also, isnt that the bitch from sex in the city? It’s a scene, right?


    Oh No! It’s Sarah Jessica Parker, run!


    Is this from the new ‘Mummy’ Movie? “Mummy in New York” or something? Scary.


    I’d hit it. Granny panties and all!


    Those are NOT granny panties.

    And you’re wrong, parasitegod, those things do happen.

    I had my pants rip all the way across the bottom when I was going up some stairs with about 15 mostly hot guys sitting in visible range. They all saw my ass (i wasn’t wearing any underwear).


    can i have your myspace info ? LOL


    LOL outofocus, I had the same thing happen (w/ underwear on…that day and every day since). In front of my class no less. The kids had a good laugh at that one. I had to laugh w/ them, otherwise I would have been mortified.



    Uhh… I had a teacher that happened to… Was it over Emily Dickinson by any chance?


    More likely SOHCAHTOA, or maybe PEMDAS, God I hate high school. When I taught college I never used these mnemonics.


    Not quite as good as your teacher story nyokki, but my English teacher way back in 9th grade was wearing her skirt backwards for about 3/4 of the class, most of us trying to stifle our laughter the whole time, till one of the girls in the class went and ruined it by telling her. And yes it was during poetry, tho I can’t remember exactly what.


    i saw this happen to a girl when i was in london, but unfortunately she was like 14 and i silently screamed. bonus: her parents were standing beside her.


    Oh No?!? Oh YES!!!