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    There really is 0% integrity left in the political process is there…

    When will people wake up to the insanity ?
    Meh, go back to watching Fox News…..

    I’ve got some documents to shred…


    You Americans are so bloody interesting.
    Does this sorta shit really fly? I suppose “Obama is a jerk” will be the next witty campaign? Why don’t the two candidates just meet at the playground after school, and they can scuffle. Winner gets the country, but no kicking!



    No, it doesn’t fly. This crap only carries with the group of Americans that think Fox News is really news, and doesn’t like Obama because he is black. Probably the same group of people that think Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter are good for America.


    Witty. I don’t buy it, and I’m against Palin (McCain has always been okay in my book), but it is clever.

    Now, if I were as irrational as some of the conservative diehards here, I should start complaining about how Tiki is posting too much anti-Obama stuff, right? That is, after all, what happened when McCain jokes started showing up.

    And the conservatives claim to have a better sense of humor. Ha!


    Being anti-Arab: The latest in socially acceptable racism.

    Fuck all the hypocrites who pretend to be all for “freedom” but only if the person is a wealthy Caucasian male.


    what happened to my post?

    st_judas, racism is a form of speech

    if you are against racism, you are inherently against freedom

    that makes you a DOUBLE N­IGGER


    No, this shit doesnt fly….

    but portraying McCain as blood thirsty does…..


    Oh natedog… Never ever change.


    I’m a wealthy Latin American, a first generation United States citizen, my hard work and ingenuity (and no small amount of luck) has translated into my security and success. I’m offended by U.S. citizens that feel they cannot survive without government help. The government loaned me money for college because of my race, which I am thankful for. I took my education and made sure that neither I nor my children will ever be on welfare or without emergency funds.

    I love this Country, so much so that I have forsaken my heritage. I am [racist] against my own people. The machismo, classism, and corruption in almost all Latin nations, makes the rampant ignorance here in U.S. seem wholesome and intelligent by comparison.

    But it would seem that my beliefs and lifestyle is deserving only of death, because I’m not Arab (forget about being muslim, Islam did not always preach destruction of the west). Why am I and my children to blame for the actions of Prescott Bush and his children and grandchildren.

    I have nothing against arabs. Other than their governments want to kill me and my family for something I HAVE NO PERSONAL CONTROL OVER. There is also the human rights issues that can never be addressed because of the controlling aspects of theocratic government.

    I don’t want to kill all or ANY arabs, But I sure do wish that the largest printing facilities in the world (which are in Saudi Arabia) weren’t printing modified versions of the Qur’an designed to keep the hatred of the west alive. I’m sure our never ending bombing and military incursions do that for them.

    Top it all off with MILLIONS of dumbshit American citizens who want to invite our would be murderers over for dinner, to see if we can talk out a solution to the revenge vendetta that WE gave to them in the first place.

    Let us enjoy our friends, family and american luxuries while we can. Because we might just end up giving it all away so we don’t feel guilty, about what our leaders do to stay rich, whatever color their skin might be. Not everyone in the government is white (only most of them).


    Great comment/excellent post, are you here illegally?



    Can you tell me which part of UNITED STATES CITIZEN is difficult for you to understand? You must have missed the part of grade school where they explain what the word citizen means.

    The U.S.A is such an awesome place. It’s one of the few places in the world where Fucktards with a debilitating lack of intelligence can somehow still survive. They not only survive but are approved to to buy all kinds of useless shit on credit that they will be paying off for the rest of their ignorant lives. I’m glad you enjoyed my post, thank you very much.
    If thinking is a crime,


    I’m thinking the name “thequietguy” might be a tad Facetious.




    I have a new hero.



    Invite our would-be murderers over for dinner?
    By that, do you mean what Bush is doing now by setting up a diplomatic interests section in Iran? Or Bush’s “aspirational timetables” for withdrawing from Iraq?

    Because when even the Bush administration realizes that giving our enemies the silent treatment doesn’t work, and starts to do what Obama proposes, McCain’s own passive-aggressive foreign policy ideas just look stupid.


    jadechimera: <——– Fucktard.

    You know what I find interesting. Every one bashes Bush for grammer mistakes and mispronounced words and such. He rarely uses a scripted speech. The man gets up there and says whats on his mind. Notice how dumb others have looked when the teleprompters have gone out. Obama doesn’t trust them anymore. He never looks up from his speech.


    1,000,000 internets to you, sir.


    By would be murderers, you mean Ahmadinejad to Columbia University for a guest lecture?



    Ya see,now, that’s just what the fucktards do when the don’t feel that they have been PC enough.


    I hate that. Osama is a murderous dick. Obama is an all around right guy and friendly face promising to fix whats generally not broken and standing on a false platform tricking young people (who are known to be far too radical) into thinking his way of thinking is better when it’s not if you compare it to other more socialist governments then the US.

    Then again McCain wants to oppress freedom of speech and denies the public involvement in the political view, Obama is just misguided.

    I’ll vote on Obama any day of the year even if he sinks me in debt then allow some pig to take away my right to think freely because it’s not what this country stands for.



    Don’t anger the fucktards.
    Just let them be and we won’t have to deal with them for another four years.


    Would be Murderers.
    Like our ally Saudi Arabia.
    Don’t forget that no matter who wins the election, The Saudis are responsible for the 9/11 not Iraq, not Afghanistan, not Iran, not Syria or any of those poor nations that send their young men out to die by marine gunfire.

    It was Saudi Arabia that spawned Osama, and the Saudis’ that continue to smile and do business with us, while lending the bulk of financial and political support to terrorist groups. It will be Saudi Arabia that moves to fill the power vacuum if the U.S. should ever fall. At least thats what they must think.

    Honestly it is absolutely foolish to believe that the U.S. can ever be brought to its knees without bringing about the end of Human Civilization. WHOEVER wins the election needs to understand that we WILL be attacked again, by people that we trust and support, because that is the ONLY way to assault a nation as powerful as ours.

    It would be nice for us as a nation to strive for peace, but lets not give the keys for our house to men that openly claim their willingness to kill us.


    ————– 08


    I need more information before I decide, who I want to royally fuck my life up.


    Bush rarely goes unscripted, rather the opposite.


    Atleast he can glance up from his speech occasionally.




    Hey thequietguy, it looks like you have won the respect of several 16-19-year-old conservative gringos on the internet.

    I bet they’ll go so far as to call you “one of the good ones.” Till they’re old enough, anyway.


    By the by, you are rather verbose for someone whose screename is ‘the quiet guy’.


    Yay Caio’s back!


    By the way. I find the term gringo to be derrogatory and insensitive to white people….tar baby.


    Now, when they get older, they are bound to change. If they remain as… friendly as they are to day they might begin to call you a “well-spoken Mexican” as in, “He is such a well-spoken Mexican.” And no I don’t care if you’re from Mexico or not: neither do they.

    Of, course, chances are they won’t age so well, and they will use a much less flattering term for “Latin-American” than “Mexican”. Just saying.


    @ipwn: Sorry dude but in Portuguese “gringo” just means “a person with nordic features.” There’s nothing really derogatory about it… many Brazilians of German or Latvian extraction use that terms and have that term used of them.


    Yeah and chink is a weakness in armor and niger is just a country.

    You pussies and your feelings.


    the3g_ipwn is such a haole.


    “it looks like you have won the respect of several 16-19-year-old conservative gringos”

    Tell me Caio. Did you mean 16-19 year old people with nordic features, or did you mean 16-19 year old white, ignorant rednecks?



    I meant people – such as Exacerbate – who have posted information about their age, race, and conservative views ad infinitum.

    Niger is also a river.

    Seriously dude the only Spanish I know is ‘cervesa por favor’. Do you think I bother to learn all the subtleties of the false cognates between it and Portuguese, or even care? Probably about as much as you care about the subtle semantic differences between English and Dutch.


    You got a point there. I’ll buy the next round. CHEERS!


    Young and conservative is almost an oxymoron.



    caio you’re a left wing nut…makes me giggle:)


    Said the right wing nut. It works both way you see. Nobody pays attention to the center, thus why we are doomed.

    General X

    The thequietguy:
    The Qur’an can not be modified. If there is but one letter difference (yes even a typo) the shitstorm that would fall down upon the person/s responsible would be monumental. The thing to remember is that there are well over 1,2 billion, that is one thousand two hundred million Muslims in this world. The radicals are but a fraction of a fraction. And the moderates take the Book very, very seriously.
    Also I am completely dismayed at how easily Islam is belittled in the US. It is becoming harder to be moderate every day.

    Alec Dalek

    If that’s all his opponents can come up with on that shirt, then he’s a lock for the presidency. That is if the voting isn’t rigged, again.


    Caio I’m so dissapointed with you. You have not learned subtleties of the false cognates between 16-19 year old people with nordic features, or 16-19 year old white, ignorant rednecks??!!!?!!?

    OR did you mean to say you could not understand the difference between nordic and redneck?

    They must really be working you hard at that cash register or are you busy writing another one of your soon to be published papers?


    Middle class Americans, you’re so screwed…
    No matter what you do…it’s a downward spiral, nothing can stop it…
    The only thing I regret is that it will bring terror (yes, a pun) to the rest of us…and your puppetmasters are foreigners….

    Crap, gotta scramble my IP again…


    Ghillie before you write posts on MCS you should know what words mean.


    General X
    What do you mean the Qur’an can not be modified? Don’t many versions of the bible exist for pretty much every little church that wants to be different. Do not be so naive to think that governments will not change religous texts to control the masses. Anyone that still bases their life on what the religous leader tells them to believe is being controlled by organization that could be called a “government.”


    Caio you should take moment from working the cash register to provide us with those papers you claim you authored and had published cause we would all like to read them.

    I would really like to see them and Im sure Im not the only one.


    General X

    You are absolutely correct, according to Islamic law the Qur’an cannot be modified.
    That being said, we are talking about Islamic nations that don’t have the best education systems.
    Even christians must be taught their faith, and Muslims are not born knowing everything about their religion.
    I’m sure that the copies of the Qur’an that you find in Saudi Arabia and MOST of the world are historically accurate. But the some of the copies that they are printing and distributing to poor tribal villages contain passages encouraging their young people to make war specifically with America, no matter the cost.

    I’m not making this up, it is dangerously real.
    Saudi Arabia makes too much money off of us to directly challenge us. So they get their poor ignorant neighbors to do it for them.
    Here is an analogy. You and I are reciprocal business owners in the same city. We have extreme cultural differences, so we hate each other(because we are both fucking idiots as well). Despite our mutual dislike, we need each others business. But I still hate you. So rather that confront you directly and risk losing our business relationship, I hire a crackhead from the poor part of town to fuck your shit up for twenty dollars. If only he were addicted to religion instead of crack I could have most likely gotten him to do it for free. There are a billion muslims in the world. How can you be sure they are all on the same page?


    do you have proof that books are being changed otherwise stfu


    The proof is in any Wahhabi Koran. I was wrong about most of the copies of the Koran in Saudi Arabia and the world being historically accurate. The books that come out of the Kingdom of Saud are the Wahhabi Korans, the ones that twist the meanings of the passages to make them hateful, racist and reactionary. Changing the meaning of words is not much different from changing the words themselves. So there you go…books are being changed.

    Either way there is something fucked up about the belief that only one language is worthy of the holy word. Religious sillyness aside, that has to be some of the most ethnocentric shit I have ever heard of. The bible is still valid( to those that believe )no matter what language it is in.


    Texas governor, Miriam “Ma” Ferguson, barred the teaching of foreign languages about 80 years ago, saying, “If English was good enough for Jesus Christ, it’s good enough for us.”

    This may be UL, but I still think it’s funny.



    You also forget the anti-jewish, anti-christian death-to-infidels footnotes.

    I have one of those Korans in my house. The translation is slightly messed up, but man the footnotes look like they were written by crazy muslim Travis Bickle.


    Oh, yes, ADSF, you wanted proof. This isn’t proof per say, but here is a well-researched, well-sourced article (from a Muslim newpaper no less) criticizing the Saudi-published Quran translation:


    You can begin your research there.


    Erm, sorry, I meant a Muslim writer, in a middle-east themed journal. Same difference.


    That was interesting. I wish we would not be so wholly involved w/ a Saudi Arabia alliance.

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