McCain the vampire

Via Warren Ellis

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    Professor Cramulus

    Roo Roo Warren Ellis! The man’s a living legend. Warren, if you’re reading this via linkback, heartfelt THANKS for Transmet.


    Registered Dem, but damn I’m suprised at how much more people got pissed by comparing Obama to Osama, than making McCain a I-don’t-even-know-what-the-fuck-this-is thing.


    Amazingly accurate


    Warren Ellis is pure awesome.


    Now he has my vote! Drain the opposition.


    He likes jelly donuts and has bad teeth?


    Viva Zombie John McCain! He has MY vote!


    Impressive, most impressive. Romero would be proud. He’s practically the walking dead anyway, why not take it to this point?


    Vampire that sucks the blood of the weak to buy another home?


    When did it become a crime to be successful? Holy shitfuck people. I thought that was the whole point.




    Success is getting kickbacks from lobbyists…


    I now know why so many of you are pro-abortion. I know your mother has to be having second thoughts.


    I know, CHOICE is so scary and it’s not like abortion would happen illegally if it was against the law or anything. We wouldn’t want the mother to die too or the rapist to have his child.


    I’m not against choice. On the contrary, I think more mothers should exercise it. Too many of you douchebags fucking up traffic as it is.


    Yeah the government really needs to make it harder to get a license or at least push it back to 18. So many tards on the road.


    People drive automatic cars at the age of 15 in this country, there’s no challenge on the test (i did mine in an astounding 52 seconds and only 3 manuvers wtf?). Teens get in many more accidents then even older drunk drivers, WHEN THE TEENS ARE SOBER. So it’s technically safer to drive with a drunk then a kid. And they think they can drive too. It’s scary. Don’t rise the age, make the test fucking real or not pathetic. Anyways In my humble opinion Abortion is murder. We’re CREATED equal, and have those rights from conception. Not Birth. Conception… Read more »


    I’m sorry I didn’t realize this was France and we had a council to master over and make pronouncements the language, monsieur.

    Excuse me while I go quickly to fetch my handlebar moustache, striped shirt and loaf of bread. Oh, sorry, did I split a participle? It seems I have ruined the tea party.


    Oh dear jeebus i jus laughed beer out me nose laughing at that little piece of archaic referenced humor. Watch it, those tea parties can become tea bagging parties in a heartbeat if you don’t keep your guard up. Yeah, become successful. By marrying an heiress and dumping your newly deformed wife. That takes some skill and savvy I tell ya what. Then sell out your soul, life story and your own personally survived hell to gain political power. Yeah, that’s the American Dream in technicolor baby! Pwn, your mamma never had second thoughts. She was too busy freebasing heroin… Read more »


    Can you split a participle? If you changed quickly to fetch to to quickly fetch would be a split infinitive. However, I suppose you’re ok, as long as you don’t dangle your participles.

    It’ll be a miracle if I got all that grammar correct. English is such a fun language. Is there any other language that can be butchered so badly and somehow manage to get better because of it?


    Maybe ebonics….

    Just sayin’


    Sign language too.


    Yo, pay attention And listen real closely how I break this slang shit down Check it, my weed smoke is my lye A ki of coke is a pie When Im lifted, Im high With new clothes on, Im fly Cars is whips and sneakers is kicks Money is chips, movies is flicks Also, cribs is homes, jacks is pay phones Cocaine is nose candy, cigarettes is bones A radio is a box, a razor blade is a ox Fat diamonds is rocks and jakes is cop And if you got rubbed, you got stuck You got shot, you got… Read more »

    Alec Dalek

    ^^^ whatever

    They’ve made a terrible choice of running mate for him. She makes him look 25 years older. This picture makes him look a big undead, which seem now like the only way he could finish his term.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    He’s 71. Not like he’s on deaths door. He could very well out live most of us.

    He survived a war already. And actually being in it too not just observing and crying.

    That picture is stupid. If someone made an Obama one everyone would shit everywhere. And by everyone I mean narrow minded assholes.

    Vote away. Who cares. But don’t think you’re actually doing anything. Accept how inconsequential your thoughts and opinions are to anyone but yourself and possibly a well paid bartender or therapist.