V.P. Doll

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can we say she is ready to work the streets

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    Well liker her or not, atleast maybe we’ll have something good to look at these next 4 years. Beats the shit out of Cheney any day. I also hear she’s a better shot.


    Lol, a better shot. Almost everyone is a better shot than Cheney.



    ppsssssssttttt…. I don’t think Cheney missed.


    This is soooo pathetic….


    But is she experienced?


    Cheney managed to shoot a lawyer in the face and the guy was still able to walk out of the woods, that does not make him a very good shot, IMO.

    Last time I shot someone in the face with a shotgun you can be damn sure he didn’t walk awa… ummm… nevermind…


    You know, with Palin being in the upcoming debates, I was looking forward to the swimsuit competition. Unfortunately, the only ones to sign up for that so far are McCain and Biden.


    This after McCain all but accused Obama of employing Celebrity/Pop Idol politics… Now this is rich… Oh so rich…

    So now we have Outdoorsy Hockey VPILF Barbie. Great. Just Great.

    Alec Dalek

    She’s got granny glasses.


    Hell, even her doll has a MILF hottness.

    Puul, as much (if not more) as BHO, she is a governor like Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan were. BHO has never been in charge of anything (not that it is a requirement).

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